Volkswagen's Cheapest EV In The US Cuts Its Price - And Its Range

It looks like electric car makers are in hot pursuit of winning over the entry-level EV market. Days after BMW revealed its most affordable electric car, Volkswagen has today announced the 2023 ID.4 electric crossover, making good on its promise of bringing a more affordable car in the series after its Chattanooga plant in Tennessee kicked into EV action last year.

The 2023 ID.4 is more affordable, and as you might have guessed by now, a few downgrades have been made to keep the price in check. The latest entrant is called the Volkswagen ID.4 Standard, and it will start at $37,495 before tax credits or any other EV incentives. Volkswagen has fitted a 62kWh battery inside the entry-level ID.4 and it touts an EPA range of 208 miles.

That's not great, considering a 250+ mile range can easily be found (at least on paper) with other EVs priced in the same segment. On the positive side, a few features such as park assist, a 12-inch digital dashboard, and 45W charging via a USB-C now come as standard across all models.

Something for everyone

Volkswagen hasn't shared any acceleration numbers but says that the single synchronous motor can muster 201 horsepower on the Standard variant. A few styling tweaks have also been made, including glossy black headlights at the front, new wheel designs, and illuminated branding, among other things.

On the Standard model, you also get keyless entry courtesy of KESSY, a voice-controlled navigation system, Wi-Fi capability with subscription, and rain-sensing wipers for the automatic headlights. The entire 2023 ID.4 lineup is separated across three trim levels: Standard/Pro, S, and S Plus.

The Pro variant uses the same 82kWh battery as its current-gen iteration, offering a more palatable range of 275 miles. This one is also available in an all-wheel drive option called ID.4 AWD Pro, which adds an extra motor at the front and boosts the raw output to 295 horsepower. Both of the models also enhance the charging speed up to 170kW and deliver a higher towing capacity. The ID.4 Pro starts at $42,495, while the AWD model will set you back by $46,295.

Trim options take things up a notch

Next in line is the S trim for the ID.4, its Pro variant, and the AWD trim. Starting at $42,495, this one throws in goodies like a fixed panoramic roof, a 30-color ambient lighting system for the cabin, 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels, 12-way power seats, and a heated steering wheel.

The ID.4 Pro S model will make a $47,495-sized hole in your wallet, while the confusingly named ID.4 Pro AWD S will cost you $51,295. Volkswagen is also selling Plus models for the ID.4 Pro S and ID.4 AWD Pro S. Offering perks like a black roof, 20-inch wheels, an upgraded digital sound system with a subwoofer, and heated outer rear seats, the ID.4 Pro S Plus has a starting price of $50,195.

If you are eyeing the Volkswagen ID.4 AWD Pro S Plus and don't have any qualms remembering that name, prepare to shell out $53,995. The new ID.4 cars will be assembled in the U.S. and will begin arriving at dealerships in the fall season.