Today's Wordle Answer #405 - July 29, 2022 Solution And Hints

On average, 231 Wordle players figured out today's puzzle in 3.8 tries, according to the New York Times' WordleBot tool. That means it's another good medium on the difficulty scale. Still, like we always say, it's easy to fail if you only get six guesses, and we don't want that now, do we? So to help you solve today's Wordle puzzle (#405 – July 29, 2022), we come bearing hints to nudge you towards the answer. Also, you can just skip down to the next section if you want to see the full answer right away.

Today's word has two vowels and is commonly used in daily life. The first letter is "U" and the second vowel, "E," is in the fourth position. It's what would describe your mood if someone annoyed or disappointed you. It's also what the state of your stomach would be after you down some burritos in a frenzy. Today's word would also be your reaction if you ended up not getting today's answer (which won't happen because you're reading this article). As a final hint, today's word is both a verb and a noun, and it can also be an adjective.

The solution is a mood

Okay, full disclosure: the answer to today's Wordle puzzle is upset. It's a combo word derived from up and set, and it can mean anything from a troubled stomach to a capsized boat, according to Etymonline. It took us five tries to get the answer, which was a little...upsetting (sorry). After starting with the word train and following up with the word stole to eliminate the vowels, we tried chest and beset. None of those were correct, obviously, but the fifth guess did the trick. 

This is our recommended strategy — starting with strategic words, then adjusting subsequent guesses with the information you uncover per guess. Again, like yesterday, WordleBot's recommended starter word crane would have been a poor start for today's puzzle — but at least you'd have uncovered the letter "E." The WordleBot said it would have solved the puzzle in three guesses, but hopefully, you can do even better than that because of this article.