Today's Wordle Answer #404 - July 28, 2022 Solution And Hints

If you are anything like us, Wordle has become a part of your morning routine. So, on days the puzzle is proving a more difficult task than you expected, it could leave you feeling like there's one tab left open in your head all day, but we're here to help. In this article, we'll provide hints to help you solve today's puzzle faster. If you're already over it and simply want to enter the answer and preserve your streak, we get that, too. We reveal the answer in the second section, so you can just skip on down if you prefer.

Today's word isn't so difficult to arrive at — it's not a complicated arrangement like yesterday's double-vowel double-consonant answer. It has a pretty common letter combination, and it gets frequent usage in daily life as well. It only has one vowel, "O," as the third letter. It's also a verb, something you may do if you were leaving an argument in anger or annoyance. Another hint: the word you're looking for appears in the title of the popular dance movie from 2007 featuring Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, and Meagan Good.

Today's Wordle answer is a heavy (dance) step

At least, in one context, today's word is a jazzy dance step. Okay, we'll be out with it already: the answer to today's Wordle puzzle (#404 — July 28, 2022 ) is stomp. Fun fact: the word stomp came about as a variant of stamp (via Wiktionary), so you can interchange stomp or stamp in the context of bringing down your foot heavily.

If you're the kind of player to use starter words like stare or tears, you'd be lucky today, since those words would have gotten you two letters right. Also, today's answer put the WordleBot's beloved first word "crane" to shame. If you went that route, you'd have eliminated two vowels, but that wouldn't have been a great lead. Our first guess was poach, which got us two yellow tiles. It took four guesses to get the answer, but WordleBot said that was the average number of tries for 87 other players today. Turns out even the WordleBot would have solved the puzzle in four guesses as well — not bad at all.