Today's Wordle Answer #403 - July 27, 2022 Solution And Hints

Wordle fans are in for a treat, as puzzle #403 for July 27, 2022, has only three letters total, two of which are used twice to form the answer. Even better, the solution is a word we're all familiar with, and the odds are pretty high that you won't even need our help to figure out the answer — assuming you make your first guess one of the best starting words and follow our other tips. If you don't want to work too hard to arrive at the conclusion, here are some hints to help you get started.

The solution word is a noun that has a single vowel repeated twice, as well as a consonant that is also repeated in the middle of the puzzle. Though the solution word dates all the way back to the late 1500s, it is often used in present times to refer to a short but profound statement or inscription, one that is typically associated with a specific team, brand, company, or even an individual. You can find such inscriptions on ancient sculptures, but it's just as likely that you'll hear one of the identifying phrases used during a commercial or, perhaps, even by a politician.

The solution can quickly sum up your beliefs

Here's your last chance to figure out the solution: you may have a personal [answer word] that helps guide your steps through life. Still not sure? The solution starts with an "M," and if you can figure out the vowel used and the last remaining letter, you'll no doubt know the solution immediately. If this isn't helping, then here's the answer: motto. The word can refer to a belief, ideal, or even a short description of something. Mottos are often catchy and easy to recall, making it more likely you'll remember and, perhaps, even reference them at times. You may still remember your school motto, for example.

According to Etymonline, the word motto dates back to the 1580s and originates from the Italian word with the same spelling, one that meant "a saying [or] legend attached to a heraldic design." You can go one step back and trace motto to the Latin word muttum, which had a far more simple meaning: to grunt or say a word. The solution is also associated with muttire, another Latin word that, in this case, refers to a "proverbial pithy maxim."