Samsung Confirms Unpacked Foldable With Teaser Look At The Next Flip

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Samsung has confirmed what we all expected: at least one next-generation foldable Galaxy smartphone will be introduced at its upcoming August Unpacked event. The company introduced its Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 foldable smartphones in August 2021, so it makes sense that it would reserve its upcoming event to showcase its latest evolution of the unique — but largely still niche — form factor. What is surprising is the level of detail featured in the latest teaser, which shows what appears to be the next-generation Flip — or, at least, a new model that features the same clamshell design with a flexible display.

The new teaser follows the puzzle-like images the company published earlier this week, which pointed to the event taking place on August 10. Samsung has confirmed that date in its July 19 teaser, stating that Galaxy fans and the curious alike can tune in to watch the unveiling live at 9 a.m. ET on the company's YouTube channel, as well as its main website and its Newsroom portal. The odds are pretty high that we'll also see new Samsung smartwatches and potentially TWS earbuds at the upcoming Unpacked event, but most of the attention will no doubt be on the foldable.

Our first look at the next-generation clamshell Galaxy foldable

Samsung often embraces symbolism as part of its teasers, and this latest one is no exception. Viewers are introduced to the shadowy visage of the company's next foldable, which notably bends and flips around to form a greater-than symbol. The Samsung logo is featured on the hinge, the color appears to be some variety of lavender, and — most importantly — the design appears mostly unchanged from that of the Galaxy Z Flip 3. What we don't yet know is whether the device featured in the teaser is the Flip 4 or an entirely new model. The use of the greater-than symbol indicates this will be an upgrade over the present offerings, so don't get your hopes up about a mid-range device that may not be quite as astronomically expensive.

Assuming this is our first official look at the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 4, all of those rumors about tempering your expectations appear to be correct. The cameras aside (two bumps are visible), the device featured in the teaser appears more or less like the Flip 3 model, though the biggest changes likely lie under the hood. Previous leaks claimed the version of the Flip 4 heading to the U.S. market will pack the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+ chip, while other rumors have alleged a 6.7-inch flexible display (likely with a Full HD+ resolution), an imperceptibly smaller frame, possibly reduced bezel width, and a higher-capacity battery to deal with the biggest complaint many Galaxy fans have about the Flip 3. Viewers can't help but note that the clamshell foldable featured in the new teaser has the same fingerprint sensor-enabled power button on the side as the current model, underscoring that this is likely the Flip 4.