12 Bizarre Products Car Companies Sell That Aren't Cars

It is not uncommon for car companies to manufacture other products. Nash made appliances with its Kelvinator division as did General Motors with Frigidaire. In France, Peugeot makes fine quality motor scooters as well as bicycles and Hyundai is part of a Chaebol that produces everything from ocean liners to electronics. Still, most auto labels outsource the making of other products to complement their motor vehicles. 

If you walk into any modern dealership, you will be sure to find an assortment of shirts and hats emblazoned with the logo of the marque or a particular model. Next to the apparel will be coffee mugs and insulated water bottles with a few assorted desktop accessories and other pointless branded stuff. Look into the archives of some of the auto brands and there is a small world of branded merchandise that is sometimes a bit off the wall. Luxury carmakers seem particularly keen on providing drivers with unusual accouterments to go with their luxury automobiles. Scour the web long enough and you might find some bizarre products from these car companies such as these twelve.


This product has been discontinued, but it was offered as recently as 2021, so it is included because it is just too good not to have on this list. Since opening its first plant in 1938, VW has provided culinary services for its employees. Autocar says that decision was made due to the factory being in a remote location. Ever since VW workers have enjoyed on-site catering for their lunch breaks.

Starting in 1973, an item was added to the menu that has since become a favorite of Germans at large, the currywurst. It is a traditional German sausage with a secret blend of curry spices that has become a sausage lover's treat. Until 2021, VW maintained a full-fledged production facility to produce more sausages than cars in any given year. Also, given that this is a product from an automobile manufacturer, the currywurst has an individual part number, 198 398 500 A. Sadly, it was reported by Jalopnik that VW discontinued the beloved sausage production as part of an effort to reduce the company's overall carbon footprint. Since meat production has a heavy impact on carbon emissions, VW will continue to feed its employees but is reducing or eliminating food choices with a negative environmental impact.


Plenty of automakers offer watches to go along with their automobiles. There is nothing unique or bizarre about a branded watch. Although there is something unique and a bit bizarre about the Bugatti Chiron watch.

Bugatti partnered with Jacob & Co. to offer a unique timepiece with as much attention to detail and fine craftsmanship as the Chiron itself. Some of the most unique features of the watch include the use of blue sapphire crystal for the housing of the watch, giving it a translucent blue hue through which you can view the inner workings of the watch with all of its time-keeping gears and pins and such. However, the most unique feature is a complete W16 engine model within the watch that is a fully functioning replica with the pistons running up and down as the time passes. It is completed with blue sapphire dials on the end that mirror the look of the interior switchgear and knobs in the car

While the price of a Bugatti is rather expensive at a cost north of $2 million, the watch is equally exclusive, if not more so. For the pleasure of enjoying this exquisite timepiece, a sum of just $1.5 million is required.

Unmanned undersea vehicle

General Motors has had its hand in many businesses over the years. The appliance brand Frigidaire was spun off from GM. It not only made refrigerators, but it also produced the air conditioner systems that went into the cars we drive. GM has also been a defense contractor for decades. Its most prolific output of military equipment was during WWII when nearly all of its production capacity went toward military hardware. But the relationship has continued since the end of the war in Europe and continues to this day.

GM recently announced a partnership with the US Navy to produce unmanned undersea vehicles. They are very much like an underwater version of the successful Predator drone used in hotspots around the globe. DBusiness tells us it is planned to be powered by hydrogen fuel cells and that GM holds 19 patents on the technology going into the project.

Roller coasters

Some of the most illustrious manufacturers of luxury vehicles like to project an image as much as they enjoy producing automobiles. The company that tends to project its image as a lifestyle more than any other is Ferrari. You can find no shortage of Ferrari branded merchandise in a multitude of stores. Children around the globe don clothing emblazoned with a prancing horse.

Because of the widespread appeal of the brand, Ferrari is actually a good choice of branding for an amusement park, and that is what was done in the United Arab Emirates with Ferrari World. The first amusement park of its kind, Ferrari World opened in Abu Dhabi in 2010. It is a complete immersion into the world of Ferrari and boasts the inclusion of the fastest roller coaster in the world, the Formula Rosso, which gets up to nearly 150 mph. International Traveller says the coaster is terrifying but exhilarating. The thrills of the rides are tempered with the fact that the Ferrari branding is overwhelming and can feel like it's all a bit too much. Regardless, roller coasters are the perfect vehicle for tying in a vehicle brand and no other brand can do that like Ferrari. It is unlikely an upcoming Honda park complete with Odyssey minivan rides and Accord roller coasters will be happening any time soon.

Picnic hamper

There is no mistaking the level of luxury Rolls Royce is committed to providing. It is not a company in the habit of saying no to customers. Along with that commitment to service is the ability to exceed expectations by going above and beyond. Part of Rolls Royce's commitment to its customers is offering the finest accessories possible. Management believes being an owner of a Rolls Royce motorcar goes beyond driving a machine because it is an experience.

One of the best ways to experience a car is to go for a leisurely drive, but it is good to also have a destination, like a picnic. However, Rolls owners can't be expected to use Dixie cups and paper plates, they use the Rolls Royce Picnic Hamper. The company is proud to offer this piece of fine craftsmanship, made of teak, saddle leather and aluminum. The glasses and decanter are made from leaded crystal with hand Etched Rolls Royce logos and the rest is of the same hand-crafted workmanship expected from the cars. Bloomberg got a hold of one and let us know it is a custom-ordered product for a cost of $46,000 and somehow managed to make the case that it could be worth the price if you are the type who could afford it. Rolls Royce does not list the price because it is one of those things that, if you have to ask, you cannot afford it.

Bluetooth speaker

At a certain time in the not-too-distant past, stand-alone Bluetooth speakers were all the rage and highly coveted. Several companies sprung up to fulfill demand, creating some genuinely high-quality units that demanded a premium price but were still good value for money. But as the technology matured, it filtered down to more affordable manufacturers to the point that some examples of Bluetooth speakers exist that are borderline disposable. This also gave way to having branded products available to anyone with a budget, and auto companies have been somewhat wonton in their desire to slap their logo on anything someone may want to buy in a store from a person anywhere. Lamborghini did not do that.

Listed on the official Lamborghini store is the Esavox Carbon Fibre Docking Station Speaker, a Bluetooth speaker so wild and exotic it does appear to be something so outrageous that only Lamborghini could think to create it. To be fair, Lamborghini did not manufacture it and probably did not do the actual design. An Italian company called iXoost is the creator of this and other monstrosities parading as wireless speakers. It is made of carbon fiber and features actual exhaust pipes with some admittedly high-quality speakers and top-tier electronics, according to Auto Evolution. But the cost of it is more than $25,000 and that makes it more ridiculous than the one-off Egoista.

Pet bandana

Modern auto companies have found ways to cater to a variety of customers in pretty clever ways. Among them is making sure the entire family feels welcome as a passenger of whatever car is being sold. And, as any pet owner will tell you, pets are an integral part of a family. Some savvy product planners have found ways to include dogs in their marketing mix. Some companies offer ramps for their SUVs while others have cage dividers for the cargo area available from their official accessory catalogs. Audi has a bandana.

Yes, Audi has your pet covered, literally. Among their many offerings on the Audi accessory website are a few for pets, including a bandana. It says it is made specifically for pets out of a cotton-poly blend and comes in two sizes, but says nothing on how one differentiates between a bandana for a pet or a human. However, if the idea of dressing up your schnauzer is not enough to get a sale, Audi goes for the hard sale with, "Worn by 4-year-old Mr. Bentley who has mastered the art of the ride along by selecting his own collar choice when it's time to go. It's hard to leave him behind when he's all dressed up and wearing that face, you know the one that says, 'I wanna go too'." Perusing the website further solidifies the idea that Audi will stick their quad rings on anything.

Racing simulator

Some car companies, especially those involved in racing, like to offer different experiences for buyers to experience the thrill of the track without becoming actual race car drivers. For some of the high-end manufacturers, that means building race-spec cars that are unable to be driven on public roads and providing them with trackside support for their ridiculously expensive hobby. Not everyone has middle eastern prince oil money. The rest of us have to settle for less involved race track pursuits. Aston Martin offers something slightly more affordable, but not by much.

Aston partnered with Curv Racing Simulators to create a unique immersive simulator called AMR-C01 for automobile racing. It is designed by Aston Martin and built by Curv. The housing is made from carbon fiber and features a huge curved flat panel display with a racing-style seat, steering wheel, and billet aluminum pedals. No details on what powers it, but for more than £57,000 (about $70,000), it should be top of the line. SlashGear reported on this and said that only 150 examples would be made but inquiries are still open as of this writing on the Curv website. It is really cool, but there are probably not a whole lot of buyers for a video game that costs more than a C8 Corvette.

Luxury stroller

Bentley is a manufacturer of fine automobiles and its customers have highly discerning tastes. That is why the materials that go into building the cars are top-notch. They employ the finest leathers, the plushest carpets, and scant plastics in the cabin. When building a car worth more than a large house in many cities, the materials must be the absolute best. However, this also applies to the accessories, and Bentley offers some luxurious merchandise to accompany their opulent motorcars.

Many wealthy families buy a Bentley for use as a family car. Affluence often comes to those building a family and the little ones need not be excluded from all the fun. As such, Bentley offers a novel stroller meant to carry a young tyke through the most formative years. Bentley calls it a 6-In-1 Trike. Using the same rigorous manufacturing standards as used for their cars, Bentley offers this trike that comes complete with diamond-stitched upholstery seating and replica Bentley wheels complete with the B logo on the center hub. It is said to transform from a traditional stroller for one-year-old with progressive steps to change it to accommodate a 5-year-old for full tricycle action. It is the ultimate luxury transportation for the discriminating toddler.

Stainless steel whistle

When scouring the internet for all things bizarre, it should come as no surprise that Tesla would deliver. Known for some time for doing things that go against the grain, Tesla reliably delivers the unexpected. This is a company that has actually put into production four models of cars that together look like this: Models S, 3, X, Y. The cars themselves are full of Easter eggs and unique functions. The webstore offers the typical auto manufacturer schtick but hides a few gems, including a whistle.

When introducing a new product that steps far outside the box of convention, it is important to elevate the hype. Tesla is adept a creating a hype machine. ANd no other model needs the hype more than the Cybertruck. Unveiled in 2019 and still without a final production date, the Cybertruck promises a lot and has a lot to live up to. In the meantime, Cybertruck fans can make do with a fancy whistle. Made from a chunk of stainless steel, the whistle resembles the Cybertruck's form. It is a bit out of left field but its mere existence does not elevate it to the bizarre. That is the price. This little trinket is available on the website for a mere 695 DOGE. That is nearly 700 dog meme cryptocurrency and who knows what that translates to in real money on any given day. It is definitely on-brand for Tesla to offer a mostly worthless trinket that mimics a truck that does not yet exist to be paid for with currency that is mostly useless in daily life. Also, it's out of stock.

Portable seat

If you are unfamiliar with what a Pursuit Seat is, don't fret as you are not alone. Probably the only people who have actually experienced a Pursuit Seat are ultra-wealthy and Rolls Royce owners. It is among the many offerings of merchandise Rolls Royce makes available to enhance the experience of owning one of its fine luxury automobiles.

Just like Rolls Royce automobiles, the Pursuit Seat is made of the finest materials, including a carbon-fiber post, aluminum frame, and leather upholstery. It is a unique seat, as it features just a single post on which to balance, presumably at the golf course, while watching an exciting match at the local polo club, or whatever it is that rich people do outside. Again, Rolls Royce does not publish a price, but Car and Driver says it can be custom ordered from Rolls Royce for a measly $8,800. That sum is a pittance when considering the finest quality craftsmanship and the fact that it comes in a bag and fits perfectly in the cargo space in the back of your Cullinan. One might say you cannot put a price on a finely crafted pole with a swatch of leather draped across the top of it, but Rolls Royce will anyway.

Bento box

Everyone knows it is important to eat healthy meals. However, that can be difficult to do in this fast-moving society and, with hectic work schedules and congestion on the roads, grabbing a fast but unhealthy seems to be the only option way too often. We all also know the best thing to do is to bring a prepared, balanced meal from home to get the best nourishment while on the job or on the go. But choosing the perfect container can be a hassle. Few would guess that the best solution to this sort of problem would come from Lexus.

Luxury Japanese automaker Lexus is well known for making highly reliable and well-built luxury cars. Created by Toyota management as a competitor for the European luxury auto manufacturers, Lexus burst on the scene and established itself as a serious contender in the luxury car market. To keep its customers happy, Lexus offers an array of merchandise and some of it is a bit odd. That includes the exclusive Lexus branded bento box. No serious bank executive should leave home without a healthy lunch carefully packed into their Lexus bento box. It comes complete with a lid that doubles as a cutting board, perfect for impromptu charcuterie, as well as a combination spoon, knife, and fork. The best bit is the combo utensil, also known as a spifeork, or knorkoon, or possibly a forspife. It's the evolution of the spork. The Japanese really think of everything.