Aston Martin AMR-C01 racing simulator promises a luxury esports experience

The name Aston Martin brings to mind beautiful sports cars that are both luxurious and high performance. The company has announced its very first racing simulator aimed at the luxury esports market called the AMR-C01. Aston partnered with Curv Raising Simulators to create the AMR-C01, and the first deliveries are expected to begin in Q4 2020.

Aston promises a fully immersive driving experience for the home user. AMR-C01 uses a lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque with a seating position that mirrors that of the Aston Martin Valkyrie. Aston says the seating position gives the simulator a hypercar feel. Curv Racing Simulators hand assembles the AMR-C01 using high-quality components in the latest Asseto Corsa software.

Aston Martin designed the styling of the simulator to make it very unique and sporty looking. The front of the simulator bodywork is shaped to look like a signature Aston Martin Racing grille. Aston also ensured that the simulator has a level of refinement, surface quality, and finish customers expect of the Aston Martin name.

The all-carbon-fiber monocoque provides a rigid structure and offers sporty styling. Esports is a thriving field, and racing simulations are extremely popular. Aston says that its AMR-C01 is perfect for virtual drivers who enjoy competitive esports and dedicated racing drivers looking to hone their skills in the virtual world before the next race.

Curv Racing Simulators may not be a familiar name to most, the company is led by an Aston Martin works driver named Darren Turner. He is a simulator specialist with more than 20 years of experience in Formula One simulation. Only 150 examples will be built, and they are costly. The base price will be £57,500 plus tax. For the price, it doesn't appear that the simulator has any sort of motion effects.