Apple Just Launched The Last USB Charger You'll Ever Need

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Weeks after Apple introduced two 35W power adapters with twin USB-C ports at WWDC 2022, both the products are finally available for purchase. Listings for these products recently went live on the Apple Store, and should be arriving in stores as early as next week. The new power adapters are unique in that both of them feature twin USB-C ports, allowing them to simultaneously charge two compatible devices at a time. 

Both the adapters offer identical charging speeds and share the same price tags. What is different, however, are the sizes — with one of them boasting a compact form factor and the other coming in a standard size. If you live inside the U.S. and plan on using your charger in the U.S. exclusively, Apple recommends the smaller charger. Apple suggests that if you're planning on traveling abroad, you should choose the larger charger, as it includes the ability to pair with Apple's World Travel Adapter Kit. The wall charger part of the device can be removed and replaced with any of the region-friendly wall charger parts included in the World Travel Adapter Kit.

While Apple recommends using these adapters with the MacBook Air, they are compatible with other Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch models, and even the AirPods. Note that the Apple HomePods are not listed as a compatible accessory. As is generally the case with Apple products of this sort, you will need to purchase compatible charging cables separately to use the adapter.

Already included with the new M2 MacBooks

Interestingly, the launch of these USB-C compatible chargers comes at around the same time agencies like the European Union and the members of the United States Senate have been pushing for uniform charging standards for consumer electronics devices. The EU will require all mobile electronic devices to be released with USB-C by 2024 while the U.S. has yet to enact any legislation on the matter.

Apple has confirmed that the compact version of the twin USB-C adapters will be part of the retail package with the newly launched M2-powered MacBook Air. For the same reason, if you were considering getting one of the new MacBooks, you will not need to buy these adapters separately. Another thing to note is that the charger will not be able to charge at full 35W in case users decide to charge two devices simultaneously.

Even though these new chargers are the first from Apple to offer twin USB-C ports, there are other competing products from third-party vendors that, in theory, do the job equally well. A close competitor to these adapters from Apple is the Anker Nano Pro adapter which also gets twin USB-C ports while also offering up to 40W of power. Like Apple, however, Anker also sells compatible USB cables separately — albeit at much lower prices in comparison.

Along with the U.S., availability for both these USB-C chargers is currently limited to Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand.