Why You Probably Need To Stop Using Rest Mode On PS5

The struggle to get ahold of a PlayStation 5 is ongoing for many, but those who have managed to nab Sony's latest console have been able to enjoy a fair number of visually impressive video game content. They've also been able to try out several of the PS5's hidden features, like global settings for games (so you don't have to manually adjust each new one), spoiler blocking, and the power-saving prowess of Rest Mode.

Rest Mode is designed to kick in after a set period of console inactivity, and when activated it will continue to charge controllers, look for and download game updates, and take care of firmware changes. While Rest Mode is on, it's supposed to use less energy than if it were left powered on fully. So not only is it supposed to allow you to save money on your electric bill, but it'll also have all of your games and controllers ready to go once you start your PS5 up.

Unfortunately, it turns out Rest Mode could actually be causing a lot more problems than it solves.

The problem with Rest Mode

There have been a lot of issues reported with Rest Mode, from the annoying to the legitimately damaging. Sony has addressed several of the issues via various patches and system updates since the reports began, but some users are still encountering problems. And since Rest Mode only glitches out sometimes, and not for everybody, it's been tricky to completely nail it down.

One of the most commonly reported problems is that the PS5 will shut down while in Rest Mode (which it isn't supposed to do). Once it's turned back on again, the machine will produce a "Your PS5 wasn't turned off properly" error message. And it has to be turned on manually via the power button on the console, not via the controller, as the error prevents a standard controller boot-up.

Other problems have included system crashes, sometimes accompanied by save files being corrupted or deleted. And in a worst-case scenario, some users have even alleged that Rest Mode bricked their PS5 completely — preventing it from starting up at all and rendering the $500+ console useless.

How do I disable Rest Mode?

Whether or not you've encountered problems with Rest Mode on your PS5, it might be a good idea to turn the feature off as a precaution. Or at least temporarily avoid using it until Sony has for sure gotten all the bugs sorted out.

If you want to disable Rest Mode, just go into your PS5's "Settings" menu and select "Power Saving." From there go to "Rest Mode" and set it to "Don't Put in Rest Mode." This won't repair any potential damage done by Rest Mode bugs, but it will make sure your PS5 doesn't slip back into the proverbial danger zone.

Disabling Rest Mode will, of course, keep you from benefitting from perks like auto-charging controllers and keeping software updated at all times. Though given the alternatives, having to wait a few minutes for the latest firmware to finish installing or finding something to do while the game you wanted to play downloads its latest patch may not be such a big deal.