More Rivian R1T Delays Coming As EV Truck-Maker Teases Fresh Features

Electric car manufacturer Rivian announced earlier today that it is updating the delivery schedules for its R1T truck and R1S SUV. With this change, Rivian will move the delivery for the Black Mountain and Forest Edge trims ahead of the previously announced schedule. At the same time, the Ocean Coast will be delivered later than what was promised earlier to reach a more optimal supply. In addition to updating its delivery schedule, the company's CEO also teased a host of other features –- including a special desert mobility mode, a pet mode, and a dashcam –- that will arrive on the Rivian electric SUVs later.

In an email sent out to the early adopters (via Electrek), Tony Caravano, who leads Rivian's customer engagement, wrote the company is optimizing its "production sequence" to achieve maximum production even with certain supply chain challenges hampering the assembly line. Most importantly, the Rivian electric SUV and truck with Black Mountain and Forest Edge interiors are prioritized over the Ocean Coast version due to ease of production.

Ocean Coast interiors become a bane

Caravano says deliveries for the Ocean Coast will now begin in fall 2022 because the light wood used in the trim has been more challenging to produce. Therefore, Rivian is shifting its focus to the other two relatively easier variants to complete. The company is also increasing the quantity of different exterior colors and wheel options for faster delivery of models with Black Mountain and Forest Edge furnishings.

With this update, Rivian's Launch Edition and Adventure Package units will now be available "over the next few months." Based on this new production scheme, the company will send out individual new delivery updates to all preorder holders. Rivian will contact spot holders in late May to estimate the delivery of their vehicle based on their requirements.

The email also notes that backers who are "flexible on certain options" will get deliveries sooner than others. Meanwhile, for folks who have their delivery windows scheduled for 2023, no action is required at the moment as the company plans to share "more clarity this summer."

Sand mode and other upcoming features

Additionally, Rivian's CEO recently tweeted about some features that will be standard across all models. The first announcement is about a Sand Mode that enhances the mobility of the Rivian vehicles over loose surfaces. The executive spared details about the mode but shared a video of the R1S effortlessly maneuvering on dunes.

The company's CEO also replied to a customer's request to add a Pet mode and Dashcam -– which could be coming soon to the vehicles over an OTA. Once again, the details about the modes are rife, but we can expect the Pet mode and the Dashcam feature much as they do on Teslas. Electrek suggests the Pet Mode could be used to maintain a specific temperature in the vehicle to allow pets to stay inside comfortably, even when the car is parked. Meanwhile, the Dashcam could utilize video feeds from multiple cameras on the Rivian vehicles and record them for users to have a log.

Like any other electric car company, Rivian has faced supply chain and production woes due to the global semiconductor shortage. Besides the standard lack of components, Rivian has also had to fight opposition from suppliers who have supposedly allocated parts for more prominent manufacturers based on their reputation. The company has also had to face jabs from Twitter's future owner Elon Musk, who feels Rivian needs to ramp up production to reach affordable production cost per unit — something that Rivian is admittedly struggling with.