Huge Elden Ring Update Gives Players A Lot To Love

"Elden Ring" has just received another patch, bringing the game up to version 1.04. This time, the patch notes are huge and filled with changes, but not much of the actual gameplay is going to be affected. We're not getting much in the way of new quests or events, but Bandai Namco/FromSoftware certainly provided a whole lot of content in the new patch, largely concentrating on adjustments to weapons, armor, and sorceries.

The update is available for all platforms (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC), and can be downloaded right away. The patch will require around 1GB of data to be downloaded — a bulky batch of data that further indicates just how much "Elden Ring" has packed into the update. The full patch notes have been released and you can check them out on the official Bandai Namco website — or if you'd like a quick overview of what's happening without scouring through pages of updates, check out our summary of the changes.

First of all, "Elden Ring" adds a little bit of extra content for a fan-favorite NPC, Patches. Patches is a recurring character in FromSoftware games, and we all know him from "Dark Souls." Update 1.04 will add some new event phases for Patches — that's all we know right now. The vast majority of the other additions are centered around buffs.

Experimenting in Elden Ring just got easier

A seemingly endless amount of sorceries have received major adjustments. Most of these are positive changes, with just a few incantations being scaled down. Bandai Namco seems to have wanted to expand the current meta and let users play around with various fun spells without feeling like they're lowering the potential output of their characters. As such, we're seeing a lot of increased cast speeds, decreased recovery times, and full-on damage upgrades in the sorcery/incantation section. Some of the spells that were chosen to receive buffs are Shatter Earth, Rennala's Full Moon, Ranni's Dark Moon, and Rykard's Rancor. These changes are likely to make a lot of players quite happy, but of course, some people might argue that further buffs to sorceries (which are already very powerful) are not needed.

Various balance adjustments to the massively popular game appear in patch 1.04. Some changes are being made to various weapons, such as Colossal Swords and other Colossal Weapons in general — this applies to both damage and their blocking capabilities. Weapons aren't the only parts of the game to receive further tweaks. Madness buildup, a fairly annoying mechanic caused by some enemies, is now going to be easier to recover from. In addition, players at lower levels will see their stamina and FP grow slightly faster.

In order to benefit from the new update, you'll have to do more than just download the patch. You must either level up, activate Godrick's Great Rune, or re-equip an item that grants you bonus stats to either Strength, Vigor, Endurance, Intelligence, Faith, or Arcane. Newly-made characters will benefit from these changes right away.