Opera's Crypto Browser Makes Its Way To iOS

Opera introduced a crypto-focused, Web3-loving web browser called Opera Crypto Browser in January 2022. Since then, it has only been doling out all its crypto conveniences to users on the Windows, Mac, and Android ecosystems. iPhone and iPad users no longer have to feel left out, as Opera has finally released the iOS version of its crypto browser. 

With its new mobile browser, Opera is targeting folks with an interest in blockchain-based applications such as cryptocurrencies, decentralized apps, and NFTs. To that end, there's a dedicated Crypto Corner in the browser that will serve news related to cryptocurrencies, the latest developments in the industry covering everything from blockchain transformation to million-dollar thefts, recommendations to join relevant communities, and educational content.

The biggest trick up the Opera Crypto Browser's sleeve is a native non-custodial wallet that will let users store their private keys for validating crypto transactions. For folks unaware of the concept, a custodial wallet uses a third-party or service provider to authorize the movement of funds, while a non-custodial wallet puts all the authority in the hands of users. Opera's built-in wallet currently supports Ethereum, Polygon, and Celo blockchains, but more names will be added down the road. Aside from conducting crypto transactions, users can also spend fiat currency to purchase crypto tokens and store them in the browser's wallet. There's also an option to move an existing wallet compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and the linked assets to Opera's wallet.

All about crypto with some neat browser tricks

Another advantage of a native, non-custodial wallet is that users won't have to install third-party software or a browser extension to access their crypto wallet or sign to their favorite decentralized services. Opera says users can add their Metamask, Coinbase, and Binance wallets to the browser. Coming to more mainstream mobile browser features, Opera's latest offering comes with a native ad-blocking and tracker-disabling functionality. It will also automatically block pesky pop-ups and cookie dialogue and neutralizes hidden cryptojacking code.

There's also a self-monitoring clipboard that will keep sensitive copy-paste stuff such as login credentials safe. Opera's crypto-browser also offers an ad-free VPN, a feature that is also available on its regular web browser. Opera says its crypto-centric web browser is a crucial step towards "simplifying and streamlining access to Web3" by opening the doors to decentralized applications aplenty. 

The UI is quite slick and the aesthetic tone opts for an electric blue coloring, a stark contrast to the neon-red streaks on the company's gaming-focused GX browser. The Opera Crypto Browser is free to download, and it is now listed on the App Store with iOS 13.0 or iPadOS 13.0 being the sole requirement for installation on an iPhone or iPad, respectively.