Opera GX Mobile Gaming Browser Comes Without Game Boosting Perks

Opera is actually one of the oldest names in the web browser market, long before Chrome was even born. These days, however, it has been pushed to the sidelines but still manages to get a loyal following in some niche services and markets. One example of that is Opera GX, a browser designed specifically for gamers, that's now getting a version for Android and iOS. Strangely but not surprisingly, Opera GX Mobile is just getting its desktop counterpart's gaming looks but not the features that actually make it notable.

You might wonder what a gaming browser really means since almost any modern web browser can play those browser games anyway. And no, it doesn't have anything to do with game streaming services via the Web. Opera GX, instead, offers not a customizable style to fit gamers' aesthetics and shortcuts to gaming news, it also has controls to tweak the browser's performance in favor of games that might be running.

At least that's supposed to be the defining feature of the Opera GX on desktop platforms. There, it has a GX Control Panel that lets users monitor CPU and RAM usage and throttle Opera GX's use of those resources to prevent it from bogging the system down and causing frame rates to drop. It also has integration with gaming social services and platforms like Twitch, making it a sort of one-stop-shop for PC gamers.

Opera GX Mobile, in contrast, mostly has just the theming capabilities of its desktop sibling so that gamers can make their Android or iOS browser match their gaming PC's looks. It does also have the GX Corner as a hub for gaming news and information. Given how mobile apps work, especially on iOS, it might not be that surprising that Opera GX Mobile doesn't have as much insight and control over even its own performance, at least for now.

It does, however, have some Opera staples like its one-handed navigation UI and its new Flow syncing system. That said, it still might be a hard sell for Opera GX Mobile unless they're already deep into Opera's ecosystem. Still, those who want can try out the beta version on Android and iOS, though the latter will have to go through TestFlight to access it.