Why Ford Just Recalled 345,000 Bronco Sport And Escape SUVs

Ford has recalled more than 730,000 of its SUVs and pickup trucks. Of the large number of recalled vehicles, over 345,000 are the Ford Escape and Bronco Sport, recalled due to fire risks. Another recall notice filed with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveals the company will recall several models, including the Ford Expedition, F-150, Lincoln Navigator, Maverick, and Super Duty, to fix an issue with the software that controls the trailer's electronic brakes. As per the NHTSA recall notice, 345,451 units of the Ford Bronco Sport and Escape are affected by the issue. The recall applies to Ford Escape models manufactured between November 19, 2018, and March 1, 2022, whereas the Ford Bronco models affected include units produced between February 5, 2020, and March 4, 2022.

Meanwhile, as many as 391,836 Ford pickups are also being recalled, according to another NHTSA notice. This notice applies to the Ford Expedition made between April 15, 2021, and February 10, 2022; Ford F-150s manufactured between January 8, 2020, and February 16, 2022; the ​​Lincoln Navigator manufactured from April 15, 2021, and February 10, 2022; Ford Mavericks made between February 3, 2021, and February 22; and the Ford Super Duty series — including the F-250, F-350, F-450, and F-550 — built between December 2, 2020, and February 22, 2022.

Breaking down the reasons behind the Ford recall

The recall notice informs us of the issues affecting the Ford Escape and Bronco Sport with a 1.5-liter engine. These SUVs are being recalled due to a defect in the engine oil separator housing. According to the filing, the housing is prone to breaking, leading to an oil spill. Leakage of oil in the close vicinity of ignition sources such as the exhaust or the running engine can lead to a fire. The company notes the owners must watch for signs, including oil leaks on or under the engine or the smell of oil or smoke rising from under the hood. If an adequate amount of oil accumulates around the engine, it can result in a catastrophe. The company also noted no accidents have been reported due to the issue so far. To rectify the problem, Ford and Lincoln dealers will examine the oil separators and replace them if required.

At the same time, the pickup trucks we mentioned above are also being recalled due to a software issue relating to the trailer brake controller. The NHTSA notice says the trailer brakes may not apply properly when using a trailer featuring an "electric or electric-over-hydraulic brake system." The trailer brake controller software will be patched with an update to fix the issue.