Bruder EXP-8 Is A Rugged And Luxurious Camping Trailer

Australian company Bruder has unveiled the EXP-8, its biggest and most luxurious off-the-grid expedition trailer. Not everyone has the means of splurging on a million-dollar motor home, and yet Bruder is proving that you don't need a gazillion dollars to enjoy a grand and luxurious stay in the wild outdoors.

Bruder (or Brother) refers to EXP-8 as a four-season global exploration platform. Measuring 230-inches (5850 mm) long, 84.65-inches (2150 mm) wide, and 114.17-inches (2900 mm) high, the EXP-8 commands attention with its epoxy-bonded composite body. From the outside, those four monotube shock absorbers, rugged wheels, 37-inch mud-terrain tires, and 12-inches of ground clearance are perfectly attuned to the EXP-8's rugged, go-anywhere, and all-conquering vibe.

But from the inside, the Bruder EXP-8 has all the modern appurtenances of a hotel. Compared to the EXP-6, the EXP-8 has a flipped interior and a deleted pop-up roof. Also, the outdoor side kitchen is now inside the camper, which you can convert to a bed for two people. All in all, EXP-8 has enough room to sleep up to four people in its spacious interior. It also has a bathroom, a lounge area, and a 350-liter water tank, more than enough for an extended weekend on the campsite.

The Bruder EXP-8's biggest draw is its off-the-grid capabilities. It has a 1,600W solar array in the roof to replenish a 2.5 kWh (1,000 Ah) lithium battery pack and a 5,000-W inverter, enough juice for a diesel heater and hot water system, ducted fans and air-conditioning, an air filtration system, and an onboard reverse osmosis water purification system. "At Bruder, we never stop developing. It is paramount we do this to produce the most advanced and reliable expedition trailer available," said Daniel Bosschieter, Bruder co-founder.

The Bruder EXP-8 will officially debut this October. Pricing and other details will follow soon, but Bruder encourages interested buyers to get a quote on their official website. The camper maker also has the EXP-4 and EXP-6 in its lineup. The former is a two-wheeled airtight camper with adjustable suspension, while the latter is bigger and is available with a lifting roof.