LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema Turns Your Wall Into A 325-Inch 8K TV

LG is wading into the "wall-sized TV" space, giving Samsung's The Wall some competition with the new LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema. Capable of spanning 16:9 aspect sizes from 81-inches through to a whopping 325-inches diagonal, the custom-installed displays can also be fitted in wall-filling 32:9 aspect UltraStretch layouts.

That allows multiple video sources to all be shown at the same time, without squashing their individual aspect ratios. Depending on size and resolution selected, there are between 2 million and 33 million individual diodes in the overall screen. LG will have 2K through to 8K Ultra HD resolutions to choose from.

DVLED, or Direct View LED, differs from LED TVs in that there's no LCD panel involved. Where an LED TV relies on tightly-controlled LED backlighting with an LCD screen in front, DVLED uses the LED diodes themselves to create the picture. The result, LG claims, is an improvement in both brightness and contrast ratio, with brightness automatically adjusting to the room's conditions.

As you might expect, LG isn't expecting end-users to install these TVs themselves. Instead, the DVLED Extreme Home Cinema system will be a custom-installation only product, through a new dealer line. LG has 30+ pre-packaged sizes and resolutions, to make that process a little more streamlined, with each shipping to the site in LG-branded flight cases to ensure they don't get damaged en-route.

Along with the initial installation, LG will also include a broad care package to make sure the Extreme Home Cinema screens are working at their best. That includes twice yearly on-site "health checks" for three years, LG Connected Care remote system monitoring and support, and a five year limited warranty. LG even includes spare parts – like extra modules, receiving cards, power supplies, and HUB boards – so repairs don't have to wait until new components ship.

As for the screens themselves, while they may be much larger than LG's regular TVs, they do share a lot of the same features. The LG Controller box runs WebOS, with custom software to handle multi-window layouts. There's support for turning the whole screen into a digital artwork wall, too, with 3.6 GB to store local content.

There's also native AVC H.264 and HEVC H.265 video recording for RTSP streaming video, and screen sharing support via Miracast and WiDi Wireless Display. The DVLED Extreme Home Cinema Displays are designed to integrate with most AV control systems, too, and are certified Crestron Connected.

LG isn't saying how much all this costs, but it's fair to assume that you'll need deep pockets to go with your strong walls if you want to turn them into one huge display. If that sounds like you, LG has more details about finding a dealer.