This Traxxas Ford Bronco TRX-4 Is A Big Boy's Toy

You're looking at the Traxxas Ford Bronco TRX-4, the newest radio-controlled model from Texas-based RC manufacturer Traxxas. It looks exactly like the production model Ford Bronco, and Ford has given it the official stamp of approval.

How could it not? The Bronco TRX-4 is a spectacular-looking toy, and it has off-road merits like its full-scale brethren. Under its Bronco body is Traxxas' TRX4 off-road platform, which the toymaker also uses in its Land Rover Defender RC model.

This 1:10 scale Ford Bronco has remote-locking front and rear differentials with a high and low range transmission to offer "unmatched driving versatility," said Traxxas. It even has portal axles, hardened steel U-bolts, sealed balled bearings, a waterproof steering servo, and a titan 21T 550 electric motor.

Power comes from a 5,000 mAh lithium-polymer battery pack, with enough juice to offer up to two hours of non-stop driving fun. The battery and electronics are cleverly part of the TRX4 chassis to deliver unrivaled off-roading capabilities. The Traxxas Ford Bronco TRX-4 has a 52-degree approach angle and a 49-degree departure angle, better than the real thing.

Knowing fully well that this toy will encounter some bone-gritting action, Traxxas will offer a separate Bronco body shell if you damage the original panels. It'll start at around $145 and includes all the original styling features of the Ford Bronco, like the front grille, door handles, wing mirrors, and fender flares.

That's not all. Traxxas has an impressive lineup of accessories for your Bronco TRX-4, like anodized portal housings, heavy-duty axle shafts, steering linkages, and suspension components. Our favorite is a remote-controlled winch complete with a heavy-duty metal hook and a high-torque electric motor, capable of towing up to 10 pounds (4.5 kilos).

And unlike the full-scale 2021 Ford Bronco (with first deliveries arriving by June 2021 or worst, next year), the Traxxas Bronco TRX-4 is available starting mid-May 2021. Prices start at $549.95, and you can find the nearest dealer by visiting the Traxxas official website.