Some Ford Bronco buyers won't get their vehicles until next year

An issue has popped up that is delaying the delivery of some Ford Bronco vehicles. Specifically, buyers who ordered the new Bronco with the painted modular top will have to wait until 2022 to receive their vehicles. Ford has stated that the hardtop supplier, Webasto, is currently experiencing some COVID-related production delays.

Ford has stated that buyers will have the option to switch away from the black-painted modular hardtop to the carbonized gray molded-in-color hardtop. Some buyers will also have the opportunity to change to the soft top. However, those who choose to stick with the black-painted modular hardtop will receive a 2022 model.

The good news is that Ford has stated pricing will be protected, meaning if the price goes up for the 2022 Bronco, those who were delayed will still get the purchase price from 2021. Ford is giving buyers until April 8 to make changes to their orders if they want. The automaker is also offering some Bronco owners compensation in the form of 200,000 FordPass points worth about $1000 for service or accessories at Ford dealers.

Reports also indicate that Ford is offering a $250 voucher for the Bronco Off-Roadeo driving experience. Any buyer who chooses to change to the molded-in-color hardtop will receive the optional sound-deadening headliner at no cost. That's typically a $495 option.

Despite production issues with the hardtop, deliveries for the new Bronco will begin in June. Ford stated in the past that it had about 125,000 Bronco orders on the books. It's a mystery for now exactly how many of those orders will be impacted by the hardtop delay. The fabric soft top is standard on most models. The First Edition and Wildtrak models were supposed to come with the black-painted hardtop, but they will now get the molded-in-color hardtop with the price reduction that goes with the lesser option.