5x OnePlus 8T details that make this phone unique

The OnePlus 8T was released in the USA today in two iterations. There's a version you can buy from OnePlus – that's the same version you'll find on Amazon. Then there's a version you can buy from T-Mobile USA, that's slightly different. Today we're going to discuss five details unique to this device that you'll want to know before buying from any source, carrier or otherwise.

5. IP68 rating depends on T-Mobile

This is the only smartphone in the world that has an IP68 rating that's only available in its edition available from T-Mobile while its standard version has no such rating. It's very strange – certainly not the strangest carrier-exclusive detail in a smartphone released in the last few years, but weird nonetheless.

You'll also find a network lock on that for your efforts. If you buy the OnePlus 8T from OnePlus instead, it'll be unlocked.

4. The speediest OnePlus charging

Of the OnePlus smartphones released into the wild today, the OnePlus 8T has the fastest charging speed capability. You'll need the charger that's included in the box, of course. If you DO have that charger, you'll be charging at 65W.

In our tests with charging the OnePlus 8T in our review, this phone charges up from empty in around 35 minutes. We've regularly gone from nearly empty to 50% charge in around 15 minutes, no sweat.

3. Back to flat

The OnePlus 8T is the most advanced OnePlus device with a flat frontside display. You could go ahead and buy a OnePlus Nord, if you wanted, but this OnePlus 8T has both the flatness and the power you'll likely want to match the rest of the top-tier smartphones in the world today.

Above you'll see the OnePlus 8T and its fabulous flat, bright, sharp, colorful display. If you're looking for a far more curve-edged OnePlus device, look back to our OnePlus 8 Pro Review – it's a very, very good phone.

2. 120Hz all day

OnePlus devices have been using high refresh rate displays since the OnePlus 7T, where the company was one of the first (not THE first, but still early) to use a 90Hz image refresh rate. Since then, OnePlus devices have all looked at LEAST that smooth thanks to 90Hz or more on all devices. That includes the OnePlus Nord, which has a 90Hz image refresh rate.

The OnePlus 8T is the first OnePlus device to have a combination of elements that makes it one of the best-looking smartphones in the world. That includes a 6.55-inch Fluid AMOLED display panel with 2400 x 180 pixel (402 PPI), with a 20:9 aspect ratio, Display P3, sRGB, a punch-hole space for the single front-facing camera, and 120Hz image refresh rate all in a FLAT panel that doesn't cascade off its sides.

1. The COLOR

You'll be rolling with one of two colors with the OnePlus 8T at launch. One of these colors is called Lunar Silver – that's a lovely light silver that's accented with whites and chrome-like metal edges. Both versions have accents that match their main color – both look lovely as a result.

The more extravagant edition is the Aquamarine Green – that's the one I'd recommend. That's also the version we've given a full OnePlus 8T Review back on October 14, before launch. That Aquamarine Green works perfectly with the limited edition case from OnePlus called "Cyborg Cyan." That case (and other cases) and the OnePlus 8T should be available from OnePlus online, Amazon (and other 3rd party sources), and from T-Mobile USA starting today.