$543M Android windfall report 'flawed'

A new source working closely with the Oracle vs Google lawsuit case has this week taken offense to the idea that the $2.8 million dollar settlement price had anything to do with the total revenue generated by Android for Google thus far. Over the past week there've been quite a few reports surrounding and expanding upon the findings of a single story which showed Google's profit from Android since 2008 $543 million USD. This number comes from a Guardian report which hypothesizes that the $2.8 million number comes from a percentage of Google's Android profit – as it turns out, that's probably not true at all.

This source "close with the matter" speaking with Business Insider has noted that the amount quoted in the failed settlement between Google and Oracle was 'flawed' and based on the amount that the patent in question was worth. The patent in question is what this whole Oracle vs Google case is all about, and the percentage of revenue also offered to Oracle of Android profits was a completely separate number.

For those of you following along with this math situation, this also means that iOS is more than likely NOT the most vast profit maker for Google – Android still holds its own. Check back here on SlashGear for further developments in this case and note that we're expecting Google to bring a number to the table eventually representing what they've made from Android in the short time it's been on the market. Such a number would shed light on a whole new realm of understanding for the mobile landscape.

[via Android Community]