3rd-party Mac Pro wheels at last: OWC Rover Pro

In late 2019, the Mac Pro was delivered by Apple without wheels. It's not that the computer needed wheels in the first place. The 2019 Mac Pro can sit on its bottom just fine. Apple released a package that one could purchase for the Mac Pro to add wheels to the computer: a product called "Apple Mac Pro Wheels Kit" still costs $699 USD from Apple today. The company OWC just revealed an alternative package.

The Mac Pro Wheels box included four very carefully packaged wheels, and the tool necessary to install said wheels. If you purchased the Mac Pro with the wheels installed in the first place, you'd have added $400 to your full bill.

Here in 2020, OWC created the OWC Rover Pro. That's a kit that allows users to "add wheels to the 2019 Mac Pro in under two minutes." This kit has "factory finish, matching stainless-steel housings" in more than one color. UPDATE:ma While there may be alternate colors in the future (including a lovely rose gold), pre-orders only include the base silver, the same color and metal makeup as the 2019 Mac Pro itself.

The wheels have 360-degree articulation and roll on soft rubber tread. These wheels also include stops "to keep your Mac Pro in place and offer the freedom of mobility when needed."

The Rover Pro wheels system sandwiches the feet of the 2019 Mac Pro for a simple and secure upgrade for the hardware. Two pieces for each leg, easy connection, ready to roll.

The OWC Rover Pro wheels system will be released in September of 2020. There'll be a "limited-time pre-order pricing" in place with free shipping for the near future, that'll include a $199 price tag (approximately $50 less than they'll charge once the wheels are released to the general public).