360fly acquiring VSN Mobil: VR environment converges

At this point in the quickly-evolving environment of consumer virtual reality, we're already seeing major convergence. This means companies – like Microsoft and Oculus, Oculus and Facebook, and Microsoft and Valve VR – are high-fiving one another to bring more compatible experiences to the public. Both companies benefit. The consumer benefits. The same this is true of this week's news: the company 360fly will be acquiring VSN Mobil's 360-degree hardware. One hardware company acquires the other and they create a super team that'll make a far better experience for the end user.

With this acquisition, 360fly will be taking ownership and management of VSN Mobil's assets, intellectual property rights, and existing personnel. Basically the whole company, that is to say.

According to the 360fly crew, this acquisition "allows 360fly to add invaluable assets and added manpower from a team with a wealth of 360-degree video knowledge. The shared resources will keep 360fly on track to be the category leader in 360-degree video and virtual reality experiences for the masses."

Above you're seeing a video captured with the 360fly camera. This camera has not yet been released to the public – it'll be here in full effect before the end of the year.

We got the opportunity to have a peek at the v.360 camera from VSN Mobil earlier this year. Have a peek at our full VSN Mobil V.360 Camera review for more information.

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