32GB Samsung Galaxy S 4 finally gets a street date

The 32GB version of Samsung's latest flagship, the Galaxy S 4, will hit US shelves on Friday, May 10th, carrier AT&T has announced. The larger-capacity smartphone – which will be an exclusive to the network – will be priced at $249.99, AT&T confirmed, though you'll obviously need to ink two years of your life away to the usual agreement.

Pre-orders of the AT&T Galaxy S 4 began back in mid-April, with the smartphone shipping from the end of the month. However, at that point only the 16GB version – priced at $199.99, again with a two-year agreement – was on offer.

Although the Galaxy S 4 has a microSD card slot to add to that, some early-adopters have been frustrated to discover quite how much room Samsung's added-extras take up on the phone. In fact, roughly half of the 16GB phone's storage is occupied, something the company argues is the price owners pay for things like native TV remote control and other tweaks to Android.

While a microSD card can be used to boost storage for media purposes, apps can't be installed to it, and so for those wanting to take advantage of the Galaxy S 4's expansive display for gaming, the 32GB version might be a more sensible buy. There's more on the new Samsung in our full review.

[via Android Community]