2K Games joins Activision, Bethesda in pulling titles from GeForce NOW

As with Activision and Bethesda before it, 2K Games has made the decision to remove its titles from NVIDIA's GeForce NOW service. The latter company announced the change on its forum with a brief post, the same way it revealed that the games from the two other companies would be removed. According to NVIDIA, it is working with 2K in order to bring its games back to the service.

NVIDIA's GeForce NOW is a cloud-based streaming service that works with the games players already own. This has proven a bit controversial among some companies. The service existed beta early last month and recently started allowing anyone to sign up. Soon after, NVIDIA revealed that Activision Blizzard was removing its titles from GeForce NOW; sources claimed this was due to a 'misunderstanding' between the two companies.

Days later, Bethesda also made a similar decision to remove its titles from the service, but with the exception of one: Wolfenstein Youngblood. It's unclear why the titles were removed. As with the most recent example, NVIDIA made a simple, short announcement about the change, but didn't elaborate on the reasons for it.

In a new forum post published late on Friday, NVIDIA said, "Per publisher request, please be advised 2K Games titles will be removed from GeForce NOW." The removal happened on the same day as the announcement. "We are working with 2K Games to re-enable their games in the future," the company explained in its forum post.

As expected, some GeForce NOW customers have complained that the losses are too extensive and that the service is no longer worth it. Others have expressed concerns that the removals will continue and eventually impact the games they like to play. Past leaks have suggested that NVIDIA failed to secure proper agreements with some companies that would allow it to continue offering their titles once the service left beta, but an official explanation is still missing.