2019 Corvette ZR1crushes dyno with 670hp at the wheels

The sexy orange 2019 Corvette ZR1 you see here is said to be VIN 4 and the very first manual transmission ZR1 delivered. The ZR1 is seen in the image below sitting atop a dyno where the owner wanted to see just how much power the beast makes at the wheels. We know already that Chevy rates the ZR1 at 755hp.

With all cars you lose some of the power to the drivetrain before it makes it to the wheels to push the car forward. That 755hp rating is at the crankshaft and doesn't consider drivetrain losses. Many consider the loss from crank to wheels at about 15% on average.

That 15% number would mean that the ZR1 would need to put at least 640hp to the wheels. The good news is that the ZR1 put down 668hp on its dyno runs along with a whopping 644 lb-ft of torque. That works out to an 11% loss per Chevy's rating.

Another interesting bit for ZR1 owners who don't fear voiding the warranty is that the dyno operator says there is more power to be had with fuel and boost timing. Chevy only confirmed the ZR1 performance specs recently at Sebring.

The car should be a beast on the drag strip and the road course in the right hands. Chevy did crush the VIR lap record for production cars in the ZR1. We hope to see some dyno results on an automatic ZR1 for comparison.

SOURCE: Jalopnik