2016 Toyota Tacoma will include a built-in GoPro mount

GoPro and Toyota have teamed up and as a result the auto maker's mid-size Tacoma pickup truck has a camera mount...one designed to work with GoPro's action cameras. The mounts will come as a standard feature in the 2016 Toyota Tacoma, and mark an industry first. The potential appeal is easy to see: GoPro's cameras are devices one would take on their adventures, and a pickup truck is something one might take off-roading. Pair the two together and the result are some fun, probably muddy video footage.

The announcement was made on Tuesday, and lends a further look at what kind of buyers Toyota is targeting with it upcoming Tacoma model. For those who go off-road and frequently record their adventures, a built-in camera mount means a little less hassle on their part — just pop your existing GoPro into the existing mount and push record.

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On GoPro's part it represents a potential way to get more customers, and as the action camera market becomes increasingly crowded, any little bit can help. Those who haven't yet made the plunge for a camera will be greatly inclined to grab a GoPro if that's what their truck was built to accommodate.

Toyota has seen a lot of success with its Tacoma truck, facing very little competition in the mid-size pickup market while enjoying a growing consumer base. The upcoming 2016 model promises to bring some big changes to the Tacoma, a much-needed revamp of a model that has had relatively few updates over the last decade.

SOURCE: Bloomberg