2015 Corvette Z06 images leak ahead of official unveil

The North American International Auto Show kicks off today. This show is also sometimes called the Detroit auto show. There will be a number of new vehicles unveiled at the show today and many of them will come from US automakers.

One of the cars that we are most excited about is the official unveil of the 2015 Corvette Z06 from Chevrolet. We know the car will go official at the show. So far all Chevy has offered about the car was a single teaser image. There were some leaked specs from a web search a few days back.

Those leaked specs tipped that the car would have a 620hp V8. Three more images have hit the web today ahead of the official unveil showing off the outside and interior of the Z06. The inside of the car has a slight D-shape to the steering wheel and looks like a nice place to work on a track day.

One of the shots is a front quarter view and it shows a front end with a thick spoiler to provide increased down force. The image also shows that Chevy put some thought into how to route the air around the wheels to reduce lift and improve down force. The rear 3/4 shot of the car shows a spoiler that looks capable of giving the car some rear down force to balance things out. The car looks really good and we can't wait to hear the official details at the auto show.

SOURCE: Left Lane News