1m HTC Flyer orders tipped as pen-slate interest tentative

Supply chain guesstimates certainly aren't the most definitive way to judge a product's potential, but in the face of a reported 12m iPad 2 orders for Q2 2011 alone, talk of HTC having orders for a twelfth that amount of their Flyer slates doesn't seem all that ambitious. According to a Chinese Economic Times report, HTC has ordered 1m Flyer tablets up to the end of August 2011.

The HTC Flyer is arguably more of a niche product than the iPad 2, mind, which could certainly account for some vendor caution. Unlike the 9.7-inch Apple slate, the Flyer has a 7-inch display and can be used with a stylus for more precise text entry and sketching. It also runs Android, though will launch with Gingerbread rather than the tablet-centric Android 3.0 Honeycomb. HTC is yet to announce pricing for the Flyer, though it's expected to retail for around $600 with 32GB of onboard storage.

[via DigiTimes]