Where Are Tesla Cybertrucks Made And Who Got The First Ones?

It's hard to believe that the Tesla Cybertruck was first revealed four years ago. In the time since that public unveiling, Tesla's annual production of electric vehicles has grown significantly — from 365,232 in 2019 to 1,845,985 in 2023. During the time of the Cybertruck's development, electric truck models on the market have gone from nearly non-existent to a flurry of rivals from plucky upstart Rivian and from established automakers Ford and General Motors. While the competition may be increasing, none of those vehicles captured the attention of the public quite like the Cybertruck.

Speaking of deliveries, at the end of November 2023, the first production versions of Tesla's Cybertruck rolled off the assembly line and into the eager hands of a select few who had placed pre-orders shortly after its unveiling. While it might look like the results of a Ridley Scott-esque science fiction fever dream, it is a real vehicle, in the hands of real people, now being driven on public roads without camouflage. But where do its sharply angled panels of stainless-steel alloy, 122.4 kilowatt-hour battery pack, and gigacast-made support structure come together to make the final product? The answer might surprise you.

The Cybertruck is made in Texas

Yes, the Cybertruck is made in Texas — Austin, Texas specifically. Known as Gigafactory Texas, the home of Cybertruck production began construction in 2020 and started limited production of the Model Y in late 2021. It is now the location of final assembly for the Cybertruck, as well as the factory where its body panels are stamped and where its support structure is cast.

Tesla moved its corporate headquarters to Austin in 2021. In February 2024, according to The New York Times, Elon Musk, CEO and self-described "Technoking" of Tesla, also discussed moving the company's incorporation from Delaware to Texas. The ties between Texas and Tesla are now nearly as strong as those between the automaker and its fanbase. But who were the lucky first few to take delivery of the first few Cybertrucks on launch day?

While the names of every individual who took delivery of the first Cybertrucks are known only to Tesla, here are the names of a few that were seen taking delivery, or that have discussed it publicly. According to Business Insider, the co-founder of Reddit and husband to tennis star Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian, along with venture capitalist Phillip Sarofim, were some of the first to drive their "Cyberbeast" top-spec models away from Gigafactory Texas. More recently, celebrities including Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian, Steve Aoki, and Katy Perry have received their Cybertrucks as well. Numbers gleaned from a recent Cybertruck recall suggest that as of mid-April, 3,878 of the vehicles have been delivered to customers.