Slime's New Tire Inflator Will Keep You Prepared For Flat Tires At Any Time

When you get your first car and start driving on your own, you might not know that the tire pressure is constantly shifting. Even if your tires are structurally fine, they can still gradually lose air due to changes in temperature and terrain, which is why you need to periodically reinflate your tires at a gas station or car wash. This can be a bit annoying, as many of these air pumps are old and only take coins, so you need to have a stash of quarters on hand just for that. Instead of breaking bills at the gas station every time you need to reinflate, just do it yourself for free at home with Slime's convenient inflation device.

Released this month, Slime's Cordless Tire Inflator will save you the time and effort of going to the gas station to reinflate, allowing you to quickly and easily do it all yourself with a single compact device. The convenient pumping device can be hooked up to any traditional tire valve and activated with a press of a button. It'll immediately start pumping air to your designated psi, fully inflating a flat tire (as long as your tire hasn't failed) in just six minutes.

Compact, sturdy, and convenient

At a gas station air pump, you can't always manually set the psi you want to inflate your tires to. Sometimes, you just have to keep adding air and stop to check with a pressure gauge. Instead of that song and dance, Slime's Cordless Tire Inflator features a digital, backlit display with nice, thick buttons, allowing you to set your psi of choice, hook up the hose, and let the process run itself. Thanks to Slime's proprietary Inflate Right system, the device will automatically shut off when the psi is reached, preserving battery power.

Speaking of the battery, the Cordless Tire Inflator features a USB-C rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can fill three tires on a single charge. Even if you're not using it all the time, the device is rated to hold a single charge for up to four months without any power bleed-off.

Besides the obvious car applications, the Cordless Tire Inflator also has multiple built-in LED lights, allowing it to function as an emergency roadside flashlight. The air pump can also be used on any kind of air-based tool or toy, including bike tires, basketballs, pool toys, and more.

The Cordless Tire Inflator is available now on Slime's online storefront, AutoZone, and Amazon.