Analogue Pocket's Limited-Edition Transparent Models Are A Pure '90s Throwback

Any Nintendo fans who grew up in the 1990s remember one of the absolute coolest, most iconic versions of the Game Boy Color handheld console: the transparent Atomic Purple. Thanks to its clear casing, you could see all the chips and switches inside of the console as you played a rousing game of "Pokémon Red." Did it make the console better in any practical way? No, but that didn't make it any less awesome, and any kid who had one was the envy of the whole playground. In an effort to evoke those nostalgic transparent vibes, Analogue is putting out a special limited-edition version of its titular handheld.

In an announcement on its X profile, formerly Twitter, Analogue, creators of the portable all-accepting handheld video game console, the Analogue Pocket, revealed the upcoming release of the Analogue Pocket Transparent Limited Editions. As the name implies, this new line of Analogue Pocket handhelds features transparent shells, giving you a glimpse of the technological wonders contained within.

Seven colors of classic

The Analogue Pocket Transparent Limited Editions have all the same game-playing functionality as the regular, solid-colored Analogue Pocket, able to play physical game cartridges from the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance, as well as other retro handhelds with the appropriate cartridge adapters. The cool part is the coloration – the Transparent Limited Editions come in seven different colors, including Transparent Clear, Transparent Smoke, Transparent Red, Transparent Blue, Transparent Orange, Transparent Green, and of course, Transparent Purple.

According to Analogue's announcement, these consoles will only be available in "highly limited qualities." It is not currently known exactly how many Transparent Limited Editions will be produced, nor is it known whether more will be made after the initial supply is exhausted.

The Analogue Pocket Transparent Limited Edition will be available for purchase starting this Friday, September 29, at 8:00 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time. All versions of the console will retail for $249.99 and will start shipping out about two weeks after the store opens. If you're planning on buying one as soon as the consoles become available, don't forget to bookmark the store page.

Analogue also reminds all potential buyers that these consoles only play physical cartridges, and feature no means of onboard emulation. On the bright side, if you've kept your old Game Boy game cartridges from the Atomic Purple days, now you can play them again just like you used to.