The Mustang Mach-E Driver Recognition: How It Works, And Why You Should Use It

One of the most frustrating things about sharing ownership of a car with someone else is the constant futzing with driver settings. Everyone has their own preferences in the car, including seat positioning, mirror adjustments, AC levels, and more. When you're constantly trading off driving your car with someone else, the settings keep getting moved around and messed with, to the point that you have to spend five minutes re-adjusting the seat before every car trip.

How are you supposed to maintain your car's ideal settings, short of growling at anyone who tries to sit in the driver's seat? Well, if the car you're driving happens to be a Ford Mustang Mach-E, then you have an excellent option for keeping your car just the way you like it, even if you have to share it with someone who likes it very differently. 

All you need is your smartphone and the FordPass app, and you can both swiftly customize your driving experience and restore it whenever you hop in the seat.

FordPass driver recognition features

As an EV, the Mustang Mach-E is naturally attuned to compatible mobile devices — particularly those with Ford's personal FordPass app installed. By making a Ford account and logging into the FordPass app, you can connect your phone with your car to access a variety of nifty features via the dashboard infotainment screen. 

For instance, you can mirror navigation from your phone onto your infotainment screen and vice-versa, access your digital assistant through voice activation, and utilize your phone as a remote control for your car's various entertainment and comfort features.

Perhaps the coolest feature of them all, however, is the driver recognition feature. By registering your FordPass account to your Mach-E, you can save all of your driver-side preferences to a digital profile. Your seat positioning, mirror positioning, infotainment preferences, and more can all be registered to that profile, and when you start the car with your phone connected, the car will automatically reconfigure itself to match those preferences.

Not only does the driver recognition feature help you get your car back to the way you like it after someone has messed with it, it can also store multiple different configurations for different drivers. If you share your car with your spouse, for instance, they can also install the FordPass app on their own phone to have the car reconfigure itself while they're in the driver seat. Then, when it's your turn to drive, it's back to your preferences.