Who Makes Flex Power Tools, And Are They Any Good?

Whether you are a professional contractor, shade tree mechanic, or simply someone who likes to do small home renovation projects, you have no doubt come to rely on the convenience of battery-operated power tools to help get your work done quickly.

If you've been wandering the tool aisle at your local Lowe's lately, you may have noticed a new brand of power tools nestled on the shelves among the familiar names like DeWalt, Bosch, Skil, and Kobalt. Lowes has carried the black-and-grey clad Flex line of 24V lithium-ion powered tools since the Spring of 2021, although Flex's tools are also available at the manufacturer's website and other retailers such as Ohio Power Tool and Acme Tools.

While Flex tools are readily available from several outlets, who exactly is behind this relative newcomer to the cordless tool market, and how does the brand stack up to the competition in terms of performance, durability, and reliable operation?   

The Flex brand is a century old

The Flex brand started in Germany in 1922 and developed the first flexible-shaft grinder in 1954. In 2013, Flex was acquired by the Chervon group (not to be confused with Chevron), which also owns the power tool brands EGO and Skil.

Flex's FX1371 impact driver beat the 40V Makita GDT01 in a head-to-head test, besting the more expensive Makita in speed and power.

Kenny Koehler of Pro Tool Reviews compared the Flex rear-handle circular saw favorably to similar offerings from Makita, DeWalt, and Milwaukee, writing, "In our testing, Flex was noticeably faster, including in tougher cuts with stacked OSB. Head-to-head against Milwaukee, we were able to push Flex noticeably harder before it stalled."

Eric Jopp of Tools in Action wrote that buyers leery of an unfamiliar brand could trust the manufacturer behind Flex. "With Flex, I know the company behind the tools. I know and understand that they believe in quality above all else. So for me, this is a brand I can back and a brand I can trust."

Electrician William Carr commented on Jopp's piece to say that he had recently converted from another well-known brand after trying Flex tools. "Flex power tools are the best power tools I've ever used. I will never go back to the toys I once had. Flex power tools are much more powerful, and the batteries last much longer. I'm going to sell my Milwaukee power tools and completely change over to Flex."