The Lifehack That'll Save Your SUV's Trunk From Bouncing Off The Garage Door

Our vehicles are something we take pride in. From conscientious driving to regular maintenance and cleaning regimens, we spend an alarming amount of time ensuring that they stay in their best condition and no harm befalls them. This often extends to creating a nice home environment for them: the garage.

Granted, garages are also used for all manner of might-need-that-later storage purposes, but first and foremost, it's got to be a comfortable fit for your vehicle(s). Ease of entrance and egress is essential to prevent any accidental damage. This is a particular concern for drivers of proud and powerful SUVs, who might be unaware that they had less room than they thought until they tragically ding a door or mirror. The good news is that the SUV enthusiast community (and drivers more widely, naturally) has devised a range of tricks to avoid such expensive little accidents.

You might be wondering how a humble pool noodle can be used to protect your trunk from colliding with the door of your garage (a true driver's nightmare on a busy work morning). If you've got one of these foam friends on hand, you'll just need a couple of other simple household items to protect your vehicle. Here's how to do it.

The foam of a pool noodle is just so useful

Now, conventional wisdom dictates that pool noodles and other floaties are generally used for ... well, helping to maintain buoyancy in the water. Whether you're learning to swim or a pool veteran, these simple polyethylene tubes can be invaluable, but they are not widely recycled. What owners often do, then, is find creative new ways to re-use them instead. Strategically placing them to prevent robot vacuums from getting stuck in certain small spots in your home, for instance.

A similar lifehack is to attach lengths of noodle to the ceilings, walls or door of your garage. A single careless opening of a door or hoisting of your trunk could easily scrape against one of these surfaces, and even a minor dent or scraping of your paintwork can be devastating (and potentially pricey) for proud drivers.

It's just a matter of determining where your trunk or doors could come into contact with such surfaces within your garage, and cutting a length of foam to the appropriate size to attach to those surfaces. It might not be the most aesthetically pleasing way to decorate your garage, but you'll certainly be glad you took the time to do it the next time your door rebounds harmlessly from the protective foamy layer. These handy noodles can also be very helpful when using your car's roof rack.