Tea Drinkers Will Appreciate The Lifehack That'll Keep Their Car Fresh

There are many DIY hacks for deodorizing cars. For instance, two lifehacks for keeping any vehicle smelling fresh include sprinkling baking soda on seats and carpet stains and leaving a few briquettes of activated charcoal to absorb those musty odors. In addition, black tea bags can also deodorize a smelly cabin.

However, it's essential to know the source of the foul odors and remove them from the car immediately before moving on. Whether the stench is from a forgotten drive-thru breakfast bag with a half-eaten cheeseburger or pet soil from the last road trip, vacuuming the interior weekly while inspecting under and between the seats is a fail-safe way to maintain that new-car smell.

Ridding the interior of leftover pizza crumbs, Cheetos, or rotting pickles from that half-eaten burger before deodorizing will fast-track the process. If you happen to love tea, your favorite brew can leave any vehicle smelling fresh by hanging a few tea bags in the cabin.

Remove car stink with tea bags

Since tea bags have dried leaves that absorb water or moisture, they will rid the cabin of nasty smells while emitting a fresh scent. Of course, synthetic air fresheners could do the same job, but some people like doing it naturally and more affordably.

If your olfactory senses are tired of musky odors inside your car, remove all the floor mats (or floor liners) and vacuum the seats, the floor, and everything in between, including under and between the seats. 

After removing all traces of leftover food, trash, and debris, hang two tea bags in the rearview mirror and leave them there for five to seven days. Then, replace the tea bags with a fresh batch at least once a week. The process of absorbing odors and freshening the interior improves with time, and switching black tea with green tea or any other variant will leave unique scents that no other air freshener (whether organic or not) could match.