How To Register Your Ridgid Power Tools (And Why You Should)

For many tradespeople and DIY experts, the name RIDGID is surely a familiar one. The company proudly offers demonstrations of a whole array of its tools, and also boasts that it provides "the industry's best Lifetime Service Agreement." Such tools, of course, represent nothing less than the very livelihoods of their owners in thousands of cases, and so it's absolutely vital that they're protected and continue to be maintained, both by the owner and RIDGID alike.

Owners will surely want to know, then, how to register their Ridgid power tools, and what the benefits are of doing so. They'll be glad to know that it's certainly worth their while.

The user has 90 days to register their new tools, but doing so means access to the Lifetime Service Agreement. RIDGID tools are covered as standard by a warranty that lasts three years, which is when the LSA kicks in. The company is careful to specify that this coverage "lasts the lifetime of the original purchaser," and that it applies to any defect the tool may develop in that time. Certain instances of wear and tear are also covered, though all of this is reliant on the condition that the tool had been routinely cared for by its user.

While there are other limitations to the LSA (only tools purchased at The Home Depot can be covered, for instance), it's absolutely worth it for RIDGID power tool users to ensure everything's covered where possible. Here's how to do just that.

How to register Your RIDGID power tools

Ridgid's much-ballyhooed Lifetime Service Agreement used to be a rather fiddly process. With the advent of the Internet, though, signing up is as simple as it is with a wide range of other products and services:

  1. Visit the sign-in page of RIDGID's official website.

  2. Follow the steps to create an account from the button handily marked Create An Account. If you already have an account, input your username and password in the Sign In section instead.

  3. From the Register A Power Tool section, you can access the Register New Purchase button. Here, you'll input the serial number and other identifying details of the tools in question.

It's also possible to register your products by mail. The address to send your details to in this instance is RIDGID Service Dept., Attn: LSA, PO Box 1427, Anderson, SC 29622.

With that done (online), the tools registered are added to your online RIDGID Toolbox. Sometimes, such a process amounts to little more than a way of gaining access to your precious inbox and inundating you with offers, but registered RIDGID tools are protected in a comprehensive fashion indeed.

It's easy for an ardent worker to spend a fortune on servicing and replacing batteries in their tools, and lifelong free access to such is just too valuable to pass up. With this in mind, loyalty to a power tool brand can help you save money, perhaps particularly so if the brand in question is RIDGID.