The Best 60 Inch TVs To Upgrade Your Home Entertainment: Our Recommendations

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TVs are the center of your home entertainment setup and for good reason. A television is a relatively big purchase that gets a lot of use by the average owner, and there are tons to choose from. You can get huge, expensive TVs or smaller, budget TVs depending on your needs and budget, and right in the middle of those options sits the 60-inch TV.

In general, 60-inch TVs are a bit of a dying breed. These days, most folks will step down to 55-inches or size up to 65-inches. The reason is mostly because there are more choices in those sizes both in terms of budget and in terms of quality. For example, those size options have OLED, a lot of Samsung's QLED TVs, multiple mini-LED options, and more. In fact, if you can swing it, you might consider sizing up or down so that you can take advantage of those extra options. 

However, if you're set on a 60-inch system, you're not dead in the water. There are several good options depending on what kind of living room setup you intend to use. Here are the best 60-inch TVs you can buy for any situation.

How we selected products

There are only a handful of 60-inch TVs on sale today, so we found the best and categorized them based on what features they offered. We did surf around the Internet to look at reviews and we took opinions on Reddit and YouTube into consideration as well. 

We also ran the listings through Fakespot to ensure that Amazon reviews were at least mostly reliable and tossed out any product that had a C average or lower rating. We have one TV that is a Best Buy exclusive on this list, but Fakespot works for Best Buy, meaning every consumer review was given critical consideration. Most of the TVs on the list have thousands of consumer reviews, which helped fill in our perspectives about each TV.

Finally, we have one little piece of advice. If at all possible, you should go into a store and look at the TV you plan on purchasing. Photos online don't really work well because they can be doctored in Photoshop, or they can look different on your smartphone or PC monitor than in real life. It's always a good idea to see it in-store to make sure your eyes like what they see. TVs can last for many years, so it's good to approach the decision with as much information as possible.

Best for Gaming: Hisense U6HF

The Hisense U6HF is a great TV for gaming. It only has a 60 Hz, but it does support variable refresh rate (VRR), which game consoles use to prevent screen tearing in games with unstable frame rates.

The input lag is reasonably low as well and should work for most console gamers. Fortunately, this TV isn't a one-trick pony and it can also do movies and TV pretty well. It comes with Amazon Fire TV for streaming. The HDR is just okay, though, because the display doesn't get very bright. It also lacks HDMI 2.1, which isn't a deal breaker, but it would've been nice. 

You can buy the Hisense U6HF on Amazon for $599.99. 

Best for a PC Monitor: Vizio M7 Series

The Vizio M7 series is pretty good overall, and the 58-inch variant would make for a good PC monitor. It supports AMD FreeSync as well as VRR, which makes it a naturally good choice for a PC monitor, especially with its 120 Hz refresh rate. The colors pop, although they may need some calibration to really shine. 

The TV also has low input lag and some of the best pixel response times of any TV on the list, which helps with motion blur. It doesn't have HDMI 2.1, but that's mostly a feature in higher-end TVs.

You can buy the 58-inch Vizio M-Series on B&H for $769.99.

Best Midrange: Samsung CU7000

The Samsung CU7000 is a solid overall TV for its price point, and it should work reasonably well in any living room. It doesn't do anything particularly great, but it also doesn't have any serious weaknesses. It's just a solid, average TV that doesn't really do anything wrong. The TV also comes with Amazon Alexa built-in and smart features for streaming.

What the CU7000 does do well is motion. Pixel response times are actually pretty good and input lag is also low, making it reasonably good for gaming. 

You can buy the Samsung CU7000 on Amazon as a refurbished item for $677.95.

Best Budget 60-inch: Samsung TU-7000

The Samsung TU-7000 is a reasonably inexpensive TV. You're getting another fairly average TV with average brightness, contrast, and color gamut. Like most modern Samsung TVs, it comes with Amazon Alexa built-in along with smart TV features in case you want to stream video.

In terms of gaming, the TV is also average. Input lag is notably low. In fact, it's lower than most of the TVs on the list. There also isn't support for VRR, although we don't expect that at this price point. Still, this one will work if you're on a budget, and it won't let you down in the picture quality department. 

You can buy the Samsung TU-7000 on Amazon for $647.95.

Best Ultra Budget: TCL 4-Series

TCL is among the best budget brands for TVs and this Class 4-Series is no different. It performs similarly to the Samsung CU7000 and TU-7000 but costs about half as much. The TV has local dimming, which results in a very good contrast ratio — something you rarely see in TVs under $500.

The TV shines as a cheap gaming TV. The input lag is among the lowest of any TV on the list, and the reasonably good pixel response times mean less motion blur. It sounds like this TV is too good to be true, and it kind of is. In terms of value, this is the best one on the list. 

You can buy the TCL Class-4 Series TV at Best Buy for $319.99.

Best for Amazon Fire TV: Insignia Class F30

If you are looking for an inexpensive TV with Amazon Fire TV functions baked in, take a look at the Insignia Class F30. This TV offers the essentials you would expect from a modern 4K set – despite the lack of HDMI 2.1 ports – and does so at a price point well below $500.

If you are already locked into the Amazon Prime ecosystem, buying a Fire TV can make it easy to bring all media features the service offers together in one place.

You can buy the Insignia Class F30 at Best Buy for $379.99, although it is currently on sale for $269.99.