5 Of The Best Milwaukee Gloves For Keeping Your Hands Safe When Working

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What's one of the most vital tools you could possibly have while working with your hands? A sturdy wrench? Definitely. A cup of coffee? Absolutely. However, the most important thing of all is a good, strong pair of gloves. A pair of reliable work gloves won't only keep your hands safe and warm, they give you the confidence to do what you might not be able to do out of fear of injury. It's almost like wearing the armor of a superhero — a very specific, hand-based superhero.

In addition to the many tools and utilities it sells, the Milwaukee tool brand also dabbles in the realm of protective gloves and outerwear, offering a variety of hand protections and coverings for just about any situation you could think of. If you're on the job and need some sturdy gloves that you can really believe in, Milwaukee has several offerings that'll do the job with aplomb.

Nitrile Dipped Gloves

Rubber or rubberized gloves are a general necessity in certain kinds of physical jobs. Whether you need the extra grip that comes with rubber, or you need a little extra protection against potentially hazardous materials, rubberized gloves offer some serious durability. Straight rubber gloves, however, aren't sufficient for lengthy physical work due to their inherent fragility. If you want some rubbery gloves that can really stand the test of time, you're going to want these.

Milwaukee's Nitrile Dipped Gloves are designed to give you additional protection against hazards thanks to its thick, rubbery coating. As a side benefit, that coating also gives you a nice, sturdy grip while handling precision equipment or heavy objects. Do rubber gloves make your hands sweaty? Worry not, the special inner lining on these gloves wicks away sweat to keep you comfortable. 

Plus, these gloves are built with Milwaukee's proprietary SMARTSWIPE tech, allowing the fingertips to interact with touchscreen devices like tablets and smartphones.

Impact Demolition Gloves

Demolition, to nobody's particular surprise, is a dangerous business. Nowhere is proper hand protection more important than in the handling of powerful, stone-smashing tools. Even if you don't accidentally slam one of your own extremities with a sledgehammer, the sheer vibrational force from using these kinds of tools can be uncomfortable and painful. You need gloves that will protect your hands from sudden impacts, and give you extra grip to show those tools who's boss.

Milwaukee's Impact Demolition Gloves are designed to handle the most intense physical situations, providing the back of your hands and fingers with impact-rated TPR armor, plus some extra reinforcement from Milwaukee's proprietary ARMORTEX protection. In addition to the hand protection, the special pads sewn onto the palms work to dampen the powerful vibrations from power tools and heavy implements, ensuring you never lose your grip and send a belt sander into someone's face.

Performance Fingerless Gloves

As important as finger protection is, the fact of the matter is that your fingers are better for handling delicate physical tasks than gloves ever could be. Whether you're trying to hammer a nail or align measurements, you need that little extra boost in dexterity to do your job right. If you absolutely need to have your fingers out, then the least you could do is make sure the rest of your hand is thoroughly protected.

Milwaukee's Performance Fingerless Gloves provide sturdy, secure covering on your palms and knuckles, while leaving the tips of your fingers exposed for precision work. Reinforced palms with a hook-and-loop latch help keep the gloves firmly secured to your hands, while sewn-in terry cloth wicks away any sweat around the finger holes. All of this works together to create gloves that won't slip no matter what, which is important when you're working on the nitty-gritty details.

Winter Insulated Gloves

Manual labor in the winter can be absolutely miserable. It's cold, it's icy, and if you don't work quickly, things get covered in snow. Gloves are all but mandatory during this time, but thick winter gloves can drastically reduce your dexterity, making your job both more difficult and potentially dangerous. For the best winter work, you need gloves that allow you to maintain your full scope of movement without leaving your fingers a bunch of little popsicles.

Milwaukee's Winter Insulated Gloves are designed to meet that middle ground perfectly, utilizing special liners to provide both comfort and warmth without hindering your ability to work. The secret is a double-layered acrylic terry liner that keeps your body heat firmly inside and repels the outer cold. 

Since there's two layers, even if the outer layer gets a bit worn, the inner layer will still stay firmly in place. As an added bonus, the gloves are double-dipped in latex palm micro-finish, ensuring that no melty snow seeps through and compromises your body heat.

Goatskin Leather Gloves

You wouldn't think a simple tanned hide would offer that much protection in the grand scheme of things, but there's a reason why the earliest defensive coverings in history were made of leather. Leather is nature's armor, offering both surprisingly comprehensive protection with unparalleled comfort and flexibility. If you're in the market for leather, Milwaukee has you covered, literally.

Milwaukee's Goatskin Leather Gloves are made from top grain goatskin leather, designed to softly cushion your hands without sacrificing dexterity. The palms of the gloves in particular are reinforced with an extra patch of leather to ensure they stand the test of time. 

Best of all, thanks to leather's naturally-resistant nature, these gloves are rated to resist both level two impacts and level five cuts. No more accidental scratches with utility knives or pointy metal corners — a blade can't even get near your fingers with these bad boys on.