Venmo Teams Up With Hallmark So You Can Gift Digital Cash In Person

Everyone loves getting a Hallmark greeting card. They're bright and colorful, with cute and clever messages — and if the sender is feeling particularly generous, there might be some money in it. 

Of course, as the world becomes more digitized, the idea of sticking a wad of cash or a check into a greeting card may seem a bit outdated. If you're looking for a more modern way to send monetary well-wishes to your friends and loved ones, then Hallmark's latest team-up may prove interesting to you.

In a brief announcement posted to Hallmark's official YouTube channel, the giant of greeting cards revealed a new cooperative effort with mobile payment service Venmo. Hallmark has introduced a new line of specialized greeting cards that, rather than a slot for cash or checks, feature a QR code that customers can assign a monetary value to with Venmo. After receiving the card, the recipient can scan the code and have the assigned value automatically added to their Venmo account.

"Our new collaboration with Venmo represents an innovative new way to let someone know you're thinking of them with simple, secure and seamless cash gifting," Darren Abbott, Hallmark's Senior Vice President of Global Product Development and Innovation, said in a statement obtained by PRNewswire. "Gifting trends are constantly evolving, and we want to stay at the forefront of what consumers need to share thoughtful and unique gifts with the ones they love."

Greeting cards with Venmo cash

As of today, there are 16 different Hallmark greeting cards available with Venmo QR codes within. These cards run the gamut of occasions including birthdays, holidays, and general well-wishes. 

Each card costs $4.99, and after purchase, customers must open the QR code tab within and scan it with the Venmo app to assign its value. The recipient must then scan the QR code again with their own Venmo app to receive the money. Provided both parties have Venmo accounts, it's an easy and secure way to send gift money to someone.

"The Venmo community has consistently turned to the platform to surprise and delight one another with gifts of money, whether it's treating a friend their morning coffee, celebrating a birthday, or a random gift of kindness," said Erika Sanchez, Vice President and General Manager at Venmo. "Collaborating with Hallmark not only brings Venmo into the physical gifting space, but also helps connect generations accustomed to giving physical greeting cards with cash to younger generations who are used to having everything digital."

The Hallmark Venmo cards are available now on Hallmark's website, and will be coming to both Hallmark Gold Crown storefronts and associated retail locations in the coming weeks.