Ryobi's Newest 18V ONE+ Cordless Leaf Blower Packs A Compact Punch

Ryobi is launching a new cordless leaf blower just in time for autumn. The Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP Compact Brushless 220 CFM Blower, which will be available exclusively from The Home Depot starting in October, is designed to be both powerful and ergonomic, allowing you to clean yards, garages, patios, driveways, and even vehicles.

The cordless blower weighs less than four pounds and is smaller than the typical leaf blower, so it can be used in harder-to-reach areas, as well as be used for longer periods of time without causing fatigue. Ryobi claims its new product is the most powerful blower of its size on the market, with a maximum airflow of 220 cfm and speeds up to 140 mph. 

If you've got a big yard or heavier debris, a full-size leaf blower would probably be preferable. However, this product could come in handy for lighter tasks or if you're looking for something more maneuverable. The blower is 16 inches long, but you can extend its length if you need it thanks to some of its included accessories.

Included accessories make Ryobi's blower versatile

The accessories that come with Ryobi's new blower can make it more versatile. Inside the box are two extension tubes that, when combined, will give you an extra 20 inches of reach, providing you with access to more space while also letting you cover more ground from a stationary position. These extensions also give you a larger blower to use, but a smaller one when it comes time to find the space to store it.

Also included with the product is a speed tip that is said to boost the power of the airflow, as well as a flat nozzle that can widen and concentrate the blower's output. The tool's variable speed trigger allows you to choose how much juice you want to use at the moment, and a lock-on function lets you keep the blower running at that setting without having to worry about hand cramps.

The model is part of Ryobi's ONE+ line of tools

The cordless leaf blower is part of Ryobi's 18V ONE+ system, which means the portable battery that powers it is interchangeable with more than 280 other cordless products made by Ryobi. If you prefer to use different tools from different brands, the ONE+ compatibility isn't all that useful, but if you own a tool from Ryobi's ONE+ line, you likely already have the right battery for the blower. 

You can also stock up on extra batteries so you always have a charged one at the ready, without needing to buy different units for different tools. The interchangeable system also allows you to quickly swap out the rechargeable 18-volt battery from tool to tool if you're spending the day tackling multiple chores. Ryobi products that are part of the 18V ONE+ system include a wide range of tools, including power drills, work lights, chainsaws, and lawnmowers

The Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP Compact Brushless 220 CFM Blower will be available exclusively from The Home Depot in October and costs $99. For an additional $50, you can also purchase the blower as part of a kit that includes the 18-volt 4 Ah lithium battery — which will be compatible with other 18V ONE+ Ryobi products — as well as a charger. The tool also comes with a three-year warranty from Ryobi.