Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum Black Comes In A Unique Matte Finish, But Good Luck Getting One

Today Ford has announced a new version of its perhaps unintentionally ultra-exclusive F-150 Lightning EV. Priced at a cool $97,995, the Ford F-150 Platinum Black Edition sports a new menacing look over the luxury Lightning Platinum. For starters, it's completely blacked out with a matte finish all the way down to the badge and the "Lightning" decal on the bed. According to Ford, it's the first matte-wrapped production truck Ford has ever made. 

Who is a blacked-out nearly six-figure truck for? Dave Pericak, the Director of Ford EV Truck Programs might have an answer. He says: "Ford is no stranger to limited-edition vehicles — and the F-150 Lightning Platinum Black is taking our award-winning electric truck to new levels of stealth and style. This is the perfect choice for those customers looking to make a statement." If a huge evil-looking truck wasn't enough of a statement piece, Ford is only making 2,000 of them.

A menacing electric pickup truck

On the technical side, the stealthy Ford has an estimated 300 miles of range before the battery runs dry of electrons. Additionally, it runs on 22-inch wheels that are, you guessed it, black. It also has power running boards and comes with a black tonneau cover on the bed for extra sneakiness. The interior features black leather seating, "limited edition numbering," and, of course, Lightning decals on the roof glass. The Platinum Black Edition includes Ford's driver-assistance technology BlueCruise and can act as a power source for charging devices, power tools, and other accessories when the truck isn't running.

While the matte black EV Lightning is doing a pretty good impression of an F-22 Raptor, this special edition is in part a call back to special edition F-150s of old, specifically the 1992 F-150 XLT Lariat "Nite" package which carried a similarly dark vibe. Deliveries are slated to begin early next year — that is, if Ford can ramp up Lightning production enough.