The Best 5 Motorola Razr+ Hidden Features

If you're in the market for a new phone, the Motorola Razr+ might have caught your attention. It's not like your typical Androids on the market, so if you're looking for something a bit different then you're in luck. For starters, this is a foldable phone similar to the Galaxy Z Flip 5. That's not the only thing it does either, and it might even have you wondering why your current phone can't do it either.

Phone technology changes from generation to generation, and a decade ago nobody expected they'd be able to get their hands on a foldable smartphone like we have now. The Motorola Razr+ has several features that aren't staples on phones yet — or even fellow foldable options. This means picking one up could allow you to be ahead of the curve for a bit. Sometimes that comes with growing pains as the manufacturer tries to figure new features out.

Random PIN generator

Putting in a PIN is a common way to unlock a phone if you're not using facial recognition or a thumbprint. The downside to entering a PIN is the fact that somebody could see you doing it and potentially break into your phone in the future. The Motorola Razr+ solves that in a big way by randomizing the numbers. No, you don't have a different PIN each time, but it'll instead put the numbers themselves in different spots. While a seven would typically be in the bottom left corner of your PIN screen, it might be in the top right the next time you enter it.

In doing this, your fingers will be going to a different spot each time you unlock your phone despite putting in the same numbers every time. This means somebody trying to get into your phone will need to know your actual PIN instead of relying on fingerprint locations or just glancing at where your fingers went to unlock.

Changing covers

When the Razr+ is flipped close, you can actually have it display a variety of images to give it some life. If you don't want to look at a boring cover, you'll want to dive in and spice things up a bit. Having your lock screen or background be a specific image you like is a good way of adding a bit of personality to your phone, and the Razr+ allows you to take that even further.

The cover screen will show up when the phone is shut, but it's important to customize it because the phone is fully usable even when it's closed like this. While foldable phones might be seen as a gimmick, you can definitely show off to friends and family with your cover screen to maybe convince them otherwise. At the very least, it's a nice feature that can potentially become a staple of similar phones in the future.

Easy screenshots

It seems like every phone has a different way of taking screenshots whether it's holding down a combination of buttons or something else entirely. The Razr+ has an interesting way of taking screenshots, and it might prove to be the most convenient way yet. All you have to do is put three fingers on the screen at once and a screenshot will be taken. You have to turn on the feature in the settings, but it's well worth the time if you want an easy way to capture what's on your screen.

You will potentially run into the problem of accidentally taking screenshots you don't want, so that's something to be aware of if you find yourself with three fingers on the screen often. If that isn't describing you, then you'll want to enable this feature as soon as you can because it can end up being a real game changer.

Twice the camera

The Razr+ has the ability to utilize rear-facing and front-facing cameras at the same time. If the situation ever arises where you need to take both a selfie and a picture of what's in front of you, this phone is up to the task. You're probably not going to find many times to use this unique feature, but it's something that you can get some fun out of for a little bit, such as taking a photo of yourself at a monument of other landmark. The BeReal app was something that could have benefited from this, but its popularity has largely sunk since its hype in early 2023.

Just because you might not get a lot of uses out of these features doesn't mean it's not cool, however. It can definitely be something that's fun to show other people, and you might be able to make some cool videos out of it if you're creative enough.

Gestures for common functions

Many phones have dedicated buttons to open up a camera, but the Razr+ has a very unique way of making that happen. You can twist the phone twice to automatically launch the camera, and this works while it's closed as well. It's essentially a shortcut that cuts out the need to open the phone and click the camera button. Ultimately, that'll only save you a few seconds, but it's a timesaver nonetheless.

Taking pictures is a big part of having a phone for many people, and if you're trying to catch a candid moment before it's missed, having an easy way to open up the camera comes in handy. It's most useful in its closed form since you're able to take it out of your pocket and snap a picture within seconds. When you're already holding the phone in your hand, it doesn't feel as revolutionary.

You can also double chop the phone to turn on the flashlight, and that also works both open and closed. Aside from quickly accessing these features, the gestures are also unique ways to perform these common functions that are easy to remember.