The Fisker Alaska Electric Pickup Truck Sounds Too Good To Be True

Fisker, the company behind the Ronin EV supercar, is back with more details about the electric pickup truck it introduced earlier this month. At the time, the company noted the Fisker Alaska will sport a short 4.5-foot bed length expandable to a more utilitarian 9.2 feet. In its latest announcement, Fisker has shed light on that element, explaining that it will use a partition behind the rear seats powered by "technology similar to the Houdini rear door" featured on its PEAR crossover.

When the partition is lowered, the bed length will grow to 7.5 feet; the larger 9.2-foot length happens when the tailgate is down, as well. Protective elements will keep the rear seats safe while they're folded down, and the driver will be shielded by a panel that folds up behind the front cabin seating area. While the automaker isn't yet ready to talk about its production plans — aside from the fact that its truck will be manufactured in the U.S. — it has shed light on some key specs.

The truck has a place to hang your cowboy hat

The Alaska will feature Fisker's FM31 platform, and buyers will have two battery options to choose from: the 75 kWh pack or the more substantial 113 kWh offering. The range will depend on which of those two you select, but Fisker has noted an overall estimated range of 230 miles to 340 miles. The 17.4-foot truck will be perked atop 20-inch or 22-inch wheels, depending on which the buyer chooses.

Though the figures can't be firmly pinned down yet, as estimates are prone to change, the company is suggesting the zero to 60 mph acceleration rate will fall between 3.9 and 7.2 seconds. Those key details aside, Fisker has also teased some interesting design elements that may appeal to those in need of a work truck: a storage spot for work gloves, a singular "big gulp cupholder," a dedicated storage spot in the center armrest (Fisker suggests you could store pens and a flashlight there), and, uniquely enough, a "cowboy hat holder."

As previously announced, the base Alaska model will start at $45,400 and you can reserve one for $250. Assuming you do put down a reservation, you should expect to wait a while — Fisker says production won't kick off until the first quarter of 2025.