2024 Acura ZDX Revealed As 325 Mile Electric SUV With Hands-Free Driving

Acura has just announced its first EV, and with it, the company is resurrecting a nameplate. The 2024 Acura ZDX is the brand's first attempt at a luxury EV to potentially steal some market share from Ford, Cadillac, and Tesla. Right out of the gate, the specifications are impressive, with an available 325 miles of maximum estimated range. The base model A-Spec single motor drivetrain is no slouch with 340 horsepower. Of course, the Type S bumps that up to 500 combined horsepower from two motors. Add in Brembo brakes and air suspension exclusive to the Type S, and you likely have a competently performing SUV on your hands.

For the exterior, Acura decided to play it somewhat conservatively (not counting the paint color). Aside from the fact that it doesn't have a grille, the looks don't much betray the fact that it's an EV. It looks much like every other Acura (that's a good thing). And it doesn't look like it rolled out of Blade Runner. 

Acura's first EV is a heavy hitter

Much like the exterior, Acura plays it safe with the cabin. You get a whole 22 inches of screen — an 11-inch display behind the steering wheel and another 11.3-inch one for infotainment. Acura also notes that this is the first model to feature audio from Bang & Olufsen with 18 speakers. Aside from the obvious feat of releasing an EV, perhaps the most significant technological leap with the new ZDX is AcuraWatch 360+, available on the Type S model. It comes with a "Hands Free Cruise" driver assistance system that, as the name implies, allows for hands-free driving on upwards of 400,000 miles of roads, according to a press release. 

Acura says the new ZDX is set to show up in dealerships early next year. A specific price has not been announced, but Acura stays it will hover around $60,000, firmly within the ballpark of the existing Cadillac Lyriq and the GT model of the Ford Mustang Mach-E EVs.