Ryobi's Latest USB Lithium Tools Prove Great Things Come In Small Packages

Tool company Ryobi's USB Lithium line is distinct (and much smaller) from its line of 18-volt power tools, but that doesn't mean the tools and gadgets are any less handy. Ryobi announced two new products that are coming to the bite-sized lineup. 

The first is a Desktop Vacuum Kit. On the outside, it looks a little bit like a small orbital sander, albeit with Ryobi's distinctive neon-green hue. The vacuum isn't made per se for cleaning the entire house, but it's tailor-made for sucking up dust, dirt, and crumbs from you countertop or whatever grime may fall between the keys of your keyboard.

For car detailing aficionados, the tool's tiny size makes it a tempting option for a portable detailing vacuum. As opposed to other large vacuums, the Ryobi tool can more than easily fit underneath a seat or in the trunk of even the smallest Mazda Miata. The tool is priced at $49.97, and comes with a two amp-hour battery and a USB charging cord. Home Depot is the exclusive retailer for this tool.

Lighting up the jobsite

Continuing the trend of tiny helpful tools is the Ryobi USB Lithium-powered LED Inspection Light. Anyone that has worked on their house, car, in crawlspaces, or in anywhere that's dark can tell you that there's no such thing as having too much light in your work area. 

Proper lighting ensures you get the job done safely and quickly. It also helps if, you know, you can actually see what your doing. Every parking lot mechanic will tell you that good lighting can make the difference between getting that junkyard project car up and running and losing a single 10-millimeter bolt somewhere in the intake manifold. 

Ryobi's Inspection Light comes with a magnetic base that's ideal for slapping under the hood of your car. Its 12 LED lights output 550 lumens of light, and Ryobi says that its included two amp-hour battery will keep the lights on for upwards of 32 hours on the lowest of three light settings. Throw in IP54 water and dust resistance, and you have a very handy light in cramped spots. It's priced at $49.97, and also exclusively available from Home Depot.