The Best Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids In 2023

Being able to hear the world around you is a sense that many take for granted, but after years of loud music, heavy machinery, and the slow ravage of time, many struggle to hear the world around them. While humanity has long come up with novel solutions for this problem, these days, technology plays a huge part in dealing with hearing loss. Previously, hearing aids could only really be procured through the efforts of a doctor, but in 2022, the Food and Drug Administration decided to allow companies to create their own over-the-counter hearing aids, with major players like Bose even getting involved

With this shift in policy, several over-the-counter hearing aids have popped up, and there are definitely some winners and losers in the eyes of the public. It's a big deal, considering that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that 13% of adults over 18 have trouble hearing in 2019 (which only increases in number with age). Hearing aids have also exploded in popularity since they can now be purchased without a doctor (though those with severe hearing issues should keep seeing a doctor). As such, here is a list of some of the highest-rated hearing aids of 2023, which will help bring audio clarity to the masses.

The Jabra Enhance is highly rated and packed with technology

One of the highest-rated over-the-counter hearing aids currently available is considered as such by many different reputable websites and publications. Known as the Jabra Enhance, this robust hearing aid is noted as having a Bluetooth-enabled connection, offer 360 degree sound, have a discrete design that makes them almost invisible, and the company even offers a free 100-day trial to check them out and see if they are the right over-the-counter hearing aid for you. Jabra's website also notes that 95% of users are thoroughly impressed with the product and report hearing much better than without.

However, with top-notch quality and fantastic reviews comes a corresponding cost, and these marvels of hearing aid technology have three different tiers. The basic model, the Enhance Select 50, runs from $1,195 to $1,395, while the middle tier option, the Enhance Select 100, ranges from $1,495 to $1,695. The most expensive and fully loaded iteration, the Enhance Select 200, is available from $1,795 to $1,995. The differences between these versions come down to extra features, like the ability to stream music directly to the hearing aids, the clarity, and whether or not you can use the hearing aids as a hands-free calling device. Luckily, Jabra offers payment plans, so you don't need to pay that entire cost upfront.

Audien Hearing offers cost-effective hearing aids

If you are in the market for something a bit more affordable when it comes to over-the-counter hearing aids, Audien Hearing offers its devices at a much cheaper price point than some of its competitors while also retaining high marks and happy customers. Audien Hearing offers two different hearing aids, with their baseline model, the Atom, coming at a shockingly cheap $99. The premium Atom Pro is only $249, meaning Audien Hearing's hearing aids won't bust your bank. The Atom and Atom Pro have a battery life of around 24 hours and ATOM Sound Technology. Still, the Atom Pro sets itself apart by coming up with a portable charging case and background noise cancellation, and it is smaller than the Atom.

If the price point of Audien Hearing aids seems too good to be true, the company offers a 45-day money-back guarantee to give them a whirl and see whether or not you like them. Considering how much of a difference in cost these hearing aids are compared to others, these may be worth checking out for those looking for a cost-effective solution.  

Audicus has four different kinds of their highly rated hearing aid

Another great collection of over-the-counter hearing aids for 2023 comes from Audicus. Much like other examples in this list, hearing aids from Audicus have been well-received by both consumer publications and third-party reviewers alike. While some hearing aid companies may only have one or two options, Audicus currently has four different kinds with varying features and improvements. 

Audicus' standard model, the Wave, is priced at $699 per ear, the advanced Spirit is $899 per ear, and the premium and fully loaded Omni is $1299 per ear. Audicus' Mini version exists outside of this spectrum and costs $1249 per ear, though this one is far smaller and nearly invisible compared to the other versions. It is also important to note that each one of Audicus hearing aids comes with monthly membership support, but this will require a subscription that changes based on the model selected. 

Features include Bluetooth connectivity, remote control, or speech location, and vary depending on the model. In addition, Audicus offers a 45-day trial and a two-year warranty for those that want to give the hearing aids a spin first before fully committing.

Anthrax's drummer loves the discrete Eargo hearing aids

For those looking for a robust yet stealthy over-the-counter hearing aid, Eargo is another highly rated hearing aid that has even earned high praise from Charlie Benante, the drummer for the hard-rocking band Anthrax. The Eargo hearing aids are nearly invisible and measure less than an inch from end to end. This means that Eargo users have a tiny device that many onlookers might not even notice — perfect for those looking for a bit of subtlety. The company even has a history of nearly unnoticeable hearing aids.

Currently offering three different versions, Eargo hearing aids are available as the Eargo 7, Eargo 6, and Eargo 5. The Eargo 7 costs around $2,590, which comes with a two-year warranty, sound adjust+ with clarity mode and sound match, and is water and sweat resistant. The Eargo 6 costs $2,250 and has the automatically adjusting sound adjust+ and sound match, but it lacks the clarity mode. In addition, the Eargo 6 is only water resistant. The Eargo 5 is their current oldest model, costing $1,450. However, with this version, you'll need to use a separate smartphone application to adjust sound quality, whereas the other iterations do it automatically.