2024 Lexus GX Gets A Release Date: Here's What We Know

Ahead of the full reveal of the Tacoma, Toyota gave truck fans several tiny glimpses of the new design. It looks like Toyota is going the same route with the new 2024 Lexus GX. Earlier this month, Lexus showed off some of the new badging and a narrow view of the grille. Now, the GX gets a full release date and those excited about the new SUV get a slightly better idea of what it will look like. 

June 8th is when the world at large will see the 2024 Lexus GX in all of its boxy glory. Judging by teaser images, it will have a full-width taillight as is trendy nowadays. Plus, the tailgate now reads "LEXUS" as opposed to just the badge on the previous generation. As of now, there are no confirmations as to what engine it will have or any word on the final price. Although given the fact the current model starts at $59,275 and it's a Lexus, it's safe to say it won't be a budget-oriented car.

The new GX launches next month

Even with the limited amount of information, one can tell that Lexus is doing away with the rounded look of the previous GX and instead opting for a much more angular, military vehicle-like approach. The headlights, for example, have been slimmed down and it looks like Lexus took a straight edge to every conceivable surface. The look follows the same design conventions of Jeep's current line of Wagoneer Luxo-SUVs. Given the similar prices between the existing GX and the Jeep, it likely wasn't accidental.

Lexus hasn't dropped any more details than just a few images so any further information that isn't from Lexus is just speculation. But it wouldn't be world-changing if the 2024 GX had some sort of hybrid or mild-hybrid system, similar to what's showing up in Toyota's lineup. Given the sand-colored paint color shown in teaser images, a more off-road-focused trim or accessories package isn't outside the realm of possibility. Although it would likely be more understated than a full-blown TRD Pro option.