Does The Google Pixel Fold Have Wireless Charging?

There's a brand-new foldable phone on the market. Unveiled in May 2023, The Google Pixel Fold is Google's first device of its kind and is its attempt at competing with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series. The device is, first and foremost, a phone but it can be opened to reveal a tablet-like screen. When folded, the user is treated to a 5.8-inch OLED screen, which extends to a 7.6-inch OLED screen when unfolded. With prices starting at a cool $1799, the Google Pixel Fold can be pre-ordered now from the Google Store.

The phone runs on the Tensor G2 chip, has solid water resistance, 12 GB of RAM, a storage capacity of 256 GB, and a fingerprint sensor. In addition, it also comes with the perk of having a 4,821-mAh battery that can last well beyond 24 hours. So how is that battery charged? Does it offer wireless charging and if so, how?

The Google Pixel Fold does indeed offer a wireless charging feature, with the phone coming with a built-in wireless charging support of 7.5W.

How to charge the Google Pixel Fold wirelessly.

Wireless charging refers to powering your devices using a power outlet without the need for a cable to connect the device and the charging stand. The phone is charged by placing it on the charging pad, which is connected to the power supply.

Just like any other device that uses wireless chargers, this phone can also be charged by just placing it on any compatible Qi-certified charging device or surface. It, unfortunately, does not support reverse wireless charging, i.e., using your phone to wirelessly charge another device. The device can be charged by connecting it to a power supply using any compatible USB-C cable as well, with it flaunting a wired charging support of 21W.

A fully charged Google Pixel Fold is supposed to last up to 24+ hours normally. This battery life can be extended to around 72 hours with the help of Google's Extreme Battery Saver feature.