Tesla Made A Cybertruck Tool Rack And The EV Pickup Looks So Much Better

If the Tesla Cybertruck's unique shape is all that is putting you off the powerful new truck, there may be some hope. During one of the company's latest presentations, a new variation of the vehicle was spotted. The Cybertruck Tesla brought along to its new lithium plant's groundbreaking ceremony was equipped with a tool rack. The truck was clearly visible, as the entire presentation played out in front of it. The rack had a number of tools strapped to it, though those tools may have been for show. From what can be seen in the video, it looks like Space X designed a couple of shovels while putting a futuristic appearance ahead of practicality.

The rack itself should be the main focus, and it serves a few purposes. Firstly, there are a lot of grids to attach large tools to. Beyond that, it looks like it could also focus as a roof rack, so kayaks, mattresses, and the like could be tied to the top. Although the back of the vehicle isn't visible, it's likely the Cybertruck's bed is still accessible. Finally, it has a useful purpose in terms of the truck's profile. It squares the back end off and makes the Cybertruck look a bit more conventional. The vanilla truck has a very unique shape akin to a low-poly rendering of a car from a Nintendo 64 game. This gives it the profile of something like a station wagon.

Tesla has yet to make an announcement about the tool rack, or any other large accessories for that matter. As a result, it is unknown if you can actually buy a truck like this or if the one we saw was a one-off built purely for this presentation.

The Cybertruck will enter production later this year, maybe

If the tool rack is a real option, it's likely we'll hear something in the coming months if the Cybertruck is going to make its Q3 2023 construction schedule. There is still a question mark over that date, as production has been knocked back several times already. Even in a best-case scenario, where Tesla actually sticks to the schedule, we're unlikely to see many Cybertrucks on the road in 2023. During an earnings call earlier this year, Musk said production would technically begin later this summer at the earliest, but it would take a while to scale things up. Actual mass production isn't likely to happen before 2024.

The truck was first unveiled, and pre-orders taken, back in 2021 with production scheduled for 2022. Several factors, including a semiconductor shortage and the global pandemic, ended up making that schedule unrealistic. As a result, 2021 became late 2022, then early 2023. We're now crossing our fingers for some progress this summer and, with any luck, large-scale production becoming realistic by next year. But don't be too shocked if we're talking about a further delay, and not how much it costs to add a tool rack, at this point next year.