Cherry's Ultra Low Profile KW X ULP Keyboard Is Slim But Its Price Tag Isn't

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Cherry is a reasonably popular entity when it comes to mechanical keyboard switches. While the switches are sold under the Cherry MX brand name, it also sells various PC peripherals, including microphones, keyboards, mice, and more. The company now launches a new wireless mechanical keyboard with its MX Ultra Low Profile (ULP) mechanical switches.

Going by its looks and the switches' lean profile, Cherry's KW X ULP mechanical keyboard is aimed at office applications. However, the brand endorses equal enjoyment while writing, gaming, or programming. The Ultra Low Profile switches are scattered over an anodized aluminum plate draped in a "noble black" color.

The keyboard can operate over a wired connection using the USB Type-C port or a wireless connection using Bluetooth 5.2 or the bundled 2.4GHz receiver. It can pair up to four devices simultaneously, with one channel dedicated to the wireless dongle. The USB port also comes in handy for charging the battery, while Cherry claims a battery life of "several weeks" without being exact.

Ultra Low Profile switches make up for other shortcomings

The primary highlight of the keyboard is the Cherry MX Ultra Low Profile or ULP switches. These were first announced in March 2021, and the list of their appearances on keyboards isn't very long. The ULP switches can be spotted on the Corsair K100 Air Wireless RGB mechanical low-profile keyboard, which Cherry MX claims to be the thinnest mechanical keyboard, and Dell's Alienware M15 and M17 gaming laptops as a $50 add-on.

These switches are a step further from the Low Profile switches and have a smaller key travel of just 1.8mm for both tactile and clicky switches. For those who type quickly, a smaller pre-travel of just 0.8mm is enough to register a keystroke, stashing them as one of the thinnest mechanical keys any brand makes.

The keyboard has white backlighting with polycarbonate keycaps. Despite a visible absence of bells and whistles compared to other mechanical keyboards, especially the Corsair K100 Air, the Cherry KW X ULP keyboard comes at a steep price of $249.99. It will be sold via Amazon starting today, May 9.